21 February 2012

quick photo

I'm cheating since this is from a few weeks back--We stopped at the Seuss sculpture garden in Springfield on the way to my sister's house. We also went into the science museum to see the dinosaurs. I'm sure we'll go back-- it is a great stopping point with much to see and do, and not too big or overwhelming or crowded.

I suddenly looked into the future: Peabody museum! Mystic aquarium! A zoo!

She can now say armpit.


sprogblogger said...

Armpit! A very important word, especially if one happens to be ticklish!

IF Optimist, then... said...

A Seuss sculpture garden? Sounds neat. Getting to places like aquariums are really cool. Hope you'll have the opportunity to go soon. Armpit, eh? I haven't taught that to the girls yet. Perhaps we are missing something very special.

Mo and Will said...




Emily Erin said...

Ha! I love it. Such wonders are in store! Thanks for sharing Kate.

B. said...

I love when they learn body parts! It's enlightening to learn which ones make the biggest impression and get repeated most frequently. Charlotte's fave right now is "breast." She likes to explain, while I feed Maggie, "Maggie get milk from Mommy's breasts. Charlotte eats big girl food, milk from 'frigerator."

Did I see Della on TV the other day? It was a show profiling mostly eateries your town, and they spent some time in a local daycare. I could swear one of the toddlers was Della.

Tantrums are no fun. Ours are usually about which coat is appropriate for the weather... she wants to wear a light fleece when it's frigid outside, for example. We have the luxury of just not going anywhere sometimes, if the outburst is too lengthy. Luckily, the fits are few and far between so far.

Lavender Luz said...

Armpit? That's a VERY necessary word. WTG, Della!

Isn't it fun when they are so curious and you get to show them the world?

Seuss Museum sounds fun. Where is this Springfield? (I think there are tons of them, not counting Bart's and Lisa's).

What IF? said...

Aw, just look at those adorable little toddler legs. Love that she can say "armpit" - I can imagine you reading "Tickle Monster" to her. :) Here's to many more words and fabulous museum visits in the coming months and years.