28 February 2009


Um. So. This morning came but no period yet. So no ultrasound yet. (Sorry Dennis, perhaps another time). I'm ok. Realizing again and again that the one overarching message I am learning about all this- this babymaking, this IVF, is that it is going to go how it goes no matter what I am wanting. And really, as I said before, except for sabotage, the only thing I can do is play it as it comes.
Whenever that may be.

I betcha by about 2 this afternoon, I'll be curled around a heating pad. But not quite yet.


Grade A said...

It will come. You are right-one thing we gals have learned is that nothing happens when scheduled. If we all ran a collective airline, we'd get horrible marks for timeliness. It will come.

Joannah said...

I've just learned in this process to take things as they come. I'm living one day at a time which is not in my nature really. I'm a planner. But it's so much easier to just let go and go with it.

I wish you all the best this time! Enjoy your weekend.

Grade A said...

Thanks for your good thoughts. It turns out that she WAS missing a zero! I just updated my post. All is well again. I will continue to wish for no blood for me and the exact opposite for you.

What IF? said...

Kate, thanks for all the encouraging comments you've left on my blog. I really appreciate it.

How ironic that some of us are praying for periods, while others are praying for it to just stay the hell away. I hope AF comes soon for you.

It's so hard not being in control of the timeline (or anyting IVF-related), but I try to think of it as a precursor to pregnancy when the loss of control becomes even more pronounced. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I tell you - us girls spend half our lives hoping our period will stay away - prom, vacations, hot dates with cute boys, trying to make a baby and the other half hoping it'll turn up - wanting it to come before a special event, trying to start a cycle - a careless date with a cute boy.
I hope you're putting the hot water bottle to good use in no time - and you can get this show on the road.