26 July 2010


Sometimes you have to make a list
and then
just start doing.

Last night I made a list of a variety of ways of how to help myself in this tumultuous time-- and today? I took some action, wrote some notes, asked for help, made some contacts...


And you all are great, truly. Thank you for your kind words of support. I wish this were different, or at least, I wished it to be true. Now I just wish to be on to something healthy.

As I am sure makes sense, some of the blog entries where I truly spill about the details of my work situation might be getting edited or private soon (including this sentence).

I'm off to do more things from my list!
Action is better than inaction for me right now-- this simple thing, "doing", is really helping.


Michele said...

playing catch up as I can... I am so happy for you in your pregnancy thoughts. So very happy. :)

As to your job, it gave me a knot in my stomach to hear you so unhappy. I truly hope that the situation resolves soon. Hugs...

sprogblogger said...

Doing is ALWAYS good for the brain. Even if the busy doesn't solve the problems, I think it makes it easier for you to deal with them/think about how to fix them.

Wanting nothing but good things for you, and it sounds like you ARE making progress of the best kind. You're in my thoughts, my dear. Hoping good things start chasing you down soon.

B. said...

Hurray for lists, and action, and DOING! I'm still thoroughly convinced that you will not only land on your feet but pull of a beautiful triple somersault on the way there, earning a perfect 10 on all counts!

OK... not the greatest metaphor, but I wish you all the best, and many more days of feeling a sense of accomplishment and progress.