16 July 2010

summer storm

Tonight we had the most magical summer storm-- rolling thunder nearly full time for an hour, sudden cold breezes, rain and rain and rain. Lightning and a very dark sky--

the power went out

and then the sky turned the most magnificent tangerine color, I cannot begin to describe it in a way that would do it justice, everything was aglow-- we lay on the floor looking out through the big window in the living room and just watched as the sky changed so slowly and lightning kept cutting through.

The power just came back on and I wanted to check in-- I've been busy with work, but also preparing for the online workshop I am hosting this weekend (it started today)-- it is going really well. I wrote for 5 hours today, pure bliss, the kind of writing that spills out and feels like the real thing. So while I worked hard today and am tired, it was really rewarding.

I know that if I could choose something, I would love to make a living doing "this"-- writing.

I've been enjoying a LOT of baby movement, thumping, alien rolling under the surface, the occasional kick to the cervix. I am loving it.

My darlin' works extra in the summer, spending nights away, so for him I am a time lapse experience-- he rediscovers my big belly each time he comes home, and his face lights up. I am not sure anything is cooler than the look on his face.

Ok, must sleep-- but did not want to go too long being quiet.


Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

The time lapse will continue and get more fun. My husband is out of town right now; he left a son with one tooth, and will return to a son with two; and both babies now eat their meals in big-baby high chairs instead of little-baby floor chairs.

Enjoy the workshop!

Kate said...

I just love reading everything you write! Hope the workshop is a crazy success.

Nic said...

Storm sounds beautiful.
Pleased you are enjoying every kick, must be an amazing experience!
Good luck with your workshop. You write so wonderfully.
Keep us posted.
Nic x

sprogblogger said...

Hoping the workshop goes beautifully - I think a LOT of your readers would wish a writing life for you, my dear!

Your storm sounds lovely. A tangerine sky! You may not feel like you described it adequately, but you gave me the most beautiful mental picture to enjoy. Thank you.

K said...

Hi....catching up on your blog. Still reading and so happy for you! I wish I had time (and a computer battery) to write more. Just thinking of you....


Anonymous said...

So thrilled for you and I hope your sleep was peaceful and restful...