01 November 2010

+1, post doc update

Hi all, just a quick update-
no change in cervix (except a less horrible check), baby still doing well on BPP and NST...
and a plan-ish:
I come back friday morning (if we have not delivered yet) for the same rummaging and testing, then, if cervix is dilating, induce monday morning, if not, induce starting with cervadil on sunday night (and hope the baby gets the message and comes over the weekend)... the doc does not want us going longer than that and I am ok with that.

Acupuncture today
and again on wednesday
we'll see.

Patience, rest, and time with my darlin' between now and ....?
I'm ok with that too.


Emily Erin said...

Yay for a plan that you feel good about. Glad that the cervix check wasn't to bad this time. Glad that you're able to feel grateful and not overly anxious/out of control.

Grade A said...

I'm squealing with delight. Glad you have a plan with which you are comfortable. Get some rest.

Anonymous said...

From my recollection, the cervical checks get a little easier as the cervix softens/widens. Hopefully this is part of the reason it went a little easier today!! Are they going to do a stretch&sweep at all?

Lots of walking, staying vertical (pressure on the cervix), orgasms if you can.... as the week goes on. Hopefully stuff will start happening soon!!

Mad Hatter said...

Sounds like baby is perfectly happy nestled in your belly there, Kate! I'm sure your acupuncturist already told you this, but they can induce you themselves if you want to take a natural route...I am so very excited for you! You seem so calm and serene - well done, Mommy! Can't wait for the next update!

Kate said...

Sounds like a good, reasonable plan to me. Hope time doesn't pass too agonizingly slowly.

Melissa said...

Yay!! Thank you so much for keeping us updated, Kate! I'm sure we'll all be checking in on you several times a day, just waiting for your amazing news! I do hope you can enjoy this time with Doug before the next big adventure begins!!!

IF Optimist, then... said...

Thinking of you three and sending love. Celeste had to wake up at 4:15 am to bug Mommy to check on Kate. "Still not yet." I told her.

Now off to beddy bye.