02 November 2010

+2, election day!

One very different feeling contraction in the middle of the night that made me think that maybe....
and that is the truth, isn't it?

Today looks like november with a matte gray sky and no sunlight to help the oaks show off their raspberry or copper or chestnut colored leaves.
The ash have all gone brown from their vivid yellows
and the only yellow that remains that I see are the small willow leaves on the top of the bush I planted a few years ago that drops its leaves from the bottom up.

Work this morning and then, after lunch.... voting, one errand, then rest.
I feel up for it.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of you. Enjoy your calm. My love you all of you. Tammy

sarah said...

Resting resting resting!

Emily Erin said...

Your baby has a civic consciousness already! She/he wanted to make sure that you could still get out and vote before the really excitement happens. Cheering for you from here!

Elle said...

Darling Kate, I am thinking of you every day. Enjoy this time -- you will sometimes think of it fondly over the next couple of weeks.

I just read your previous post, and I wanted to ask -- are they certain of the baby's position? I imagine they know it's head-down, but are they sure it's facing your back?

My tip is to make very sure of that before they induce you. My OBs did not, and that is why I ended up with a c-section.

If the baby is facing the wrong way (i.e., posterior, facing forward), there are things you can do to try to get it to flip around.

BUT I hope this little one decides to come before Sunday!