25 October 2009


thank you thank you thank you for your warm wishes, your prayers and your hopes-- the little one is doing better and was held today for the first time by her parents-- I cannot imagine how they felt waiting those long 5 days to have that moment, and am just so grateful to the universe that it was possible. It was a milestone in every way.

Some of you asked what went wrong and while I would love to answer- I do not entirely know and have intuited somewhat belatedly that I should respect the privacy of my cousin with what I do know. So, you are all wonderful and thank you. What a shitty few days. I know there are hard days ahead, at least 2 more weeks in the hospital, but improvement in her means improvement in the spirit of all of us. And many of us gathered today to celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday.

I am off to california tomorrow for the week-- Phoebe-- I would love to see you and will write to see if we can figure something out. I'll be with my dad for just a day and a half, so I am not sure it will work out. I tend to stick close to him when I get the chance to be there since it is rare and always too short.

Me? infrequent but definite twinges and fingertip pressure that make me hopeful, but the stats that make me feel stupid for feeling hopeful, you know, the usual. One moment at a time. I will not pee on any sticks while I am gone, and when I get back it will be the night of 14dpo. I will be temping. We'll see.

Thank you all-- your support means the world. I've been so tangled up in that, some shitty work stuff, and travel, I have been remiss in keeping in touch with all of you and I am sorry.
I hope to do better but no matter what, I'll keep you posted on the little one.


Mad Hatter said...

Glad to hear the little one is doing better. Good that you'll be temping - now that I have the hang of it, I found it really helpful for me this cycle as I knew better what was going on without POAS towards the end. Have a great trip to Cali - and so cool that you might see Phoebe!! Wishing you lots of fulfilled wishes this 2WW!

IF Optimist, then... said...

Sending out some additional love and warm hope for little ones who will someday be big and strong and smile at their cousin Kate. Have a great time and a safe journey to Cali.

Sprogblogger said...

So glad that the little one is doing better! Have a wonderful time out west, enjoy your time with your dad. Am keeping everything that I have crossed for you. Be well.

Kate said...

Well, even if you can't assuage my curiosity about the cause, I'm so glad to hear that she's doing better. :) Hope her road to recovery is every speedier from here on out!
Have a reate trip, and hope those twinges mean something good...

K said...

Happy to hear from you. Have a safe trip.

Jenn said...

My sweet friend,

Glad to hear things are going a bit better for the little one. May she continue to improve daily!

As always, I am thinking of you and certainly praying that one of these cycles pans out with your BFP!!!

Enjoy your trip to Cali!

Hugs and stuff.

Anonymous said...

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Thank you, Vanessa