08 October 2009

honest scrap part deux

Thanks to Sprogblogger's recent gift of an Honest Scrap award, here are more than 10 more things you might not know about me:

1. I gave up eating wheat and dairy and eggs back in January, and damn, I AM HUNGRY. I dream of bread and pizza and baked goods. I cannot eat corn so that sucks extra since it is a common substitute ingredient in gluten free goodies. I already had a limited diet, some by choice (no red meat), some by taste (pretty much hate fish), and some by sensitivity (corn, onions, broccoli, the whole cabbage family, peanuts, legumes except for tofu). So having more things cut out sucks rocks. I miss food. I honestly sincerely dream of it.

2. I have a cat named Finnegan whose affections I am constantly trying to win. I am his bitch.

3. I lived without a TV for 5 years. It was grand. When I have the chance I sit and think, or read, or look outside or am outside. I like TV for movies on occasion, and for football (american). I am culturally illiterate.

4. I lived for 2 and a half years in a 8 x 10 cabin, with running water unless the pipes were frozen.

5. If I were rich, I would have someone clean my house, someone who I would arrange to never ever meet. Ever. It would be as if by magic.

6. My dear friend Tammy once told me I was like a feral cat, that I who would let her come close when she put down milk for me, but would not let her gather me up and take me in. I remember feeling really sad, as if I let her down by not being more available. But she is right, I hold myself back, and when I am under stress I tend to retract rather than reach out.

7. My longest friendship of my whole life is with amazing Alyssa. We met when I was a highschool sophomore and she was a senior at a farm school in vermont. As I was growing up I went to many many schools and was used to being the new girl, used to not having friends really or at least not for very long. Being friends with her, having a history of shared experience, it is well outside of my usual, and I realize that I suck at it often and that embarrasses me.

8. I am still friends with and in touch with a silly (perhaps frightening) number of my exes.

9. If I could wake up and know things, I would be able to read music, play banjo, piano and guitar, I would know japanese and spanish and italian, something fun like russian or german. I would know history, and mythology. I would be able to ballroom dance, and not make an idiot of myself just, you know, dancing. I would know how to knit well, and cook well, and ride a unicycle. I would be able to snow board. I would know how to punctuate. I would know how to weld. I would know some trade or technology that allows me to make enough money without stealing my soul or all of my time or making me live in a city.

10. I collect rocks, smooth rocks, preferably those that fit in my palm, preferably those with veins that wrap completely around or through. I have a lot of rocks. And a lot of books. It is not fun helping me move.

11. I am pretty sure one of my animal guides is a red squirrel. I think it is one reason I hoard. If I find jeans that fit? I buy as many as I can afford. A long sleeve t-shirt that fits? ditto. I can put almost any magazine out of business by loving it (hello domino, natural home, cottage living, gourmet), and can have almost any product discontinued by declaring my love. So when I find something I like, I tend to acquire, um, much. More than I need. As if I might go naked. Crazykate.

And here are 5 honest bloggers I bestow this upon:
Please only take it on if it is a good diversion, you know?


alyssa said...

i was hoping to get through one day without crying... thanks kate, for busting that hope...

but i love you will all i have. and reading this means more than you know. (you forgot to tell everyone that we both have red hair, btw)

Illanare said...

Thank you so much, lovely Kate. This really means a lot, especially coming from you, whose beautiful posts give me courage.

IVF 40+ said...

I hear you - I have been dreaming about lasagne - big sloppy lasagne for weeks now.

I love the idea about the red squirrel!

Thanks for all your help this week,

Mad Hatter said...

Hello fellow hoarder! I do the same thing with buying clothes - why not have the same great-fitting thing in several colours? And the books and magazines, too! I can't get rid of them! Congrats on the award (did you know I gave the Lovely Blog Award to IF Haiku a while back??)

Billy said...

I have no TV in my house. Got rid of it quite early in the ttc game as I don't want child to grow up sitting in front of TV [mainly in the first two or three years]. It was quite easy to do since I don't really watch a lot, but have to admit that I watch too much at my mum's who is my neighbour [but promise myself to quit that when I hit a second trimester mark..].

As for #5 - oh I like that one!

Thanks for the tag :-).

linda said...

Doesn't it just bite to have a fickle cat like that? No matter, I still scrunch up mine and kiss their fur faces.

I was reading your "about me" section - I wish you luck. I'm 44 now, 45 next month - and I'm still trying with my own materials. Cycling right now in fact.

I'll check in on you to see how you're doing.

Phoebe said...

Oh, the food thing... I don't do gluten or dairy either, but that's about it. I avoid soy and corn, but I can still eat them. Mushrooms are out now too. After awhile, you get used to living without gluten. Diary is harder, as there are no good substitutes. If I couldn't have anything in the broccoli family, I would die. I live on kale. I have indoctrinated the rest of my family with this obsession as well. Weird, I know, but we all love kale.

Thanks for the award. Gosh, the pressure...I'll take it up, as I'm going to need some diversions very soon ;)

IF Optimist, then... said...

You have made me smile on a crazy day. I love learning a little more about you. You are wondergirl, I could never live without bread. I am a human garbage compactor. I can eat anything but green bell peppers, red or orange or yellow are fine, weired huh? I sometimes pay the price. :-p