08 August 2010

28 weeks

28 weeks.
And this little one is not so little anymore
all elbows and knees
turning just below the surface like a whale, long slow rolls...
then the next moment, bracing feet on hipbone, it reaches up, across on a diagonal to push hard enough so I am shifting, moving, adjusting. Most of the action is in my upper right quadrant-- getting kicked or thrashed somehow right now enough to make my belly jump, quick,sharp... my belly button is now buck toothed and angled so I can see into it, which is the oddest thing ever. We are not familiar, my belly button and I. It has always been an inny and super sensitive so I've left it alone. And the only way I'll know if I have stretch marks is to look in the mirror. There is no way to see the underside of The Belly otherwise.

Spent the morning doing work work and then saw my mom for a great visit (how lucky I am)-- a hot day but the air kept moving.
And now home and trying to orient myself- feeling pulled to do Work and wanting more than anything to do heartwork instead- but I wonder if I'll let myself. I need to get ready for next friday's kickoff of the next workshop (one more day in the giveaway if you've been on the fence-- just comment on heartwork by tomorrow evening!)

I'm in need of technical assistance-- anyone know how I can add a forum to wordpress? I've found some info, but am open to any help you can offer. I don't have the time I want (or the fast internet connection I need) to explore and iterate.

Momentary rain, now a cool breeze.


Kate said...

28 weeks is a huge milestone, so congrats! Glad things seem to be going well.

Aisha said...

28 weeks! So excited for you. So glad that all is moving quickly to the awaited beginning.

Barefoot said...

I can't believe it's 28 weeks! So exciting. I miss the pokes and rolls...such a special feeling.

Elizabeth said...

Hey you -- I think of you often, and of the work stuff, and the transitions you're in. Twenty-eight weeks. That's something. I hope you can enjoy some small parts of it. My pregnancy was caught up in non-me-non-baby-related-drama mostly having to do with Will, and moving houses, and my job, and my crazy family. I wish now I had savored it all. Easier in hindsight than at the time.

My craving was lemon bars. I couldn't get enough. Seriously, I think the coffee shop started ordering extra with my name on them. Sometimes it was only embarrassment that kept me from 3 in a day. I wish I had a pizza idea for you. It's difficult for me to imagine life without cheese.

I'm signed up for your workshop and looking forward to it. I've always wanted to try to journal; well, I guess I haven't really, but I do a lot of composition in my head so it might be good to get some it on paper.

With love,

Anonymous said...

28 weeks...it flies...I hope that you can hang onto every second!

karen alonge said...

I'm thinkin' it's time for another belly picture ...