05 August 2010


The cat is licking rain from the screen door
rain that came down hard and fast, washing gravel onto the roads, the dirt from my car, petals from the dry coneflower onto ground so parched with thirst it is not dirt but dust...

Finally rain.
What we need is a 6 hour soaker- rain that comes and falls and stays, not floods and hammers, but I'll take it.

The little one woke early, had an hour of wild thumping that made me laugh even though it was dark out and I wanted to be sleeping more than almost anything
almost anything except to spend an hour lying with my hand on my belly, watching and feeling this wild animal rollicking around just under the surface. What is it thinking? Does it realize it has very little time to stretch before it gets so jam crammed in there that this sort of acrobatic kinesthetic frenzy won't be possible?

It is my friday night, my beginning, my doorway into a creative evening and friday... I'll be posting a new post up at heartwork shortly, announcing a giveaway for next week's journaling workshop.
Please stop by for the beautiful images if nothing else-- I love finding photos I love, and I love getting permission to use them! I've found that image seeking is one of the things I like best.


Kate said...

Love your imagery, especially of the frolics in the dark. So glad you're experiencing them!

Michele said...

you made me remember laying awake for the 2am-6am baby show... thanks :)

Anonymous said...

you are a great writer. thank you for sharing. enjoy that jumping baby. love, jenn

What IF? said...

Aw, how I miss those special moments when life moved inside my belly. You described it so beautifully that I long to feel it again. I recall being excruciatingly tired, but still revelling in it.

The only feeling remotely comparable to that is cuddling a toasty, sleepy baby draped over your shoulders in the wee hours and relishing it despite the exhaustion and sleep deprivation.