17 September 2009


Whoo hoo! 8 eggs! no idea anything else about them but
and I am simply thrilled
and relieved more than i can say
and scared that something bad will happen.

on a positive note, I came back to Squam and slept all afternoon,
and now, surrounded by beautiful creative people and am trying to pretend that I believe I belong.
amazing how this belonging thing, this fear of being an outsider, bites me in the ass even in my older age.

off to eat and celebrate.
thank you for your sweet notes, I look forward to reading them now that I found wifi!!!


bb said...

KATE!!!!! THAT is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(sorry I really love exclamation points ;-0 )

So excited and happy for you. Now go have fun!

Melissa said...


Kate said...

Wheeeeeeee!!!!! SO happy for you!!!!!

IVF 40+ said...

wow! amazing! congratulations you fertile myrtle!!

Sprogblogger said...

So VERY happy for you! 8 is a fantastic number. Here's hoping they all fertilize and grow and turn into little Katelets right away! Thinking of you, even if I'm in commenting blah-land.

Mad Hatter said...

I am sooo overjoyed and excited for you, I had to write a haiku:

8 is a number
Full of joy and abundance
Kate deserves no less


Mad Hatter said...
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Megan said...

Congratulations! What a great number.

Anonymous said...

woo hoo!!!!!! I am so freaking psyched for you - that is awesome!!! I cannot wait to hear about the fert report!

Mo and Will said...

Wow!! wow!! WOW!!!!



alyssa said...



Phoebe said...

Great news! I'm doing cartwheels for you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! I am so filled with hope for you.. all my positive energy is with you!

K said...

Awesome! OMG, it's kinda weird...in a good way. ;)

Joannah said...

That's great!!!

Pundelina said...

Oh Sweet Kate, what a wonderful result for you. I shall cross my fingers and send good-fertilisation vibes your way.


Maredsous said...

What a wonderful number. That is such good news! I am so happy for you. Go spermies go!

IF Optimist, then... said...

Eight is great
So is chocolate cake
And also wonderful Kate


I'm not a great poet, but I am one happy camper and you DO belong with the beautiful and creative people because you are the best.

Did you know 8 is a magic number in the discworld universe?

Grade A said...

Dearest Kate,

Such blissful news!! I am so happy for you! Enjoy your creative environment (in all ways applicable).


Jenn said...

Oh happy days my dear!!!

I am so incredibly happy to hear your news - you deserve some goodness from the universe already!

May each of those eight eggies grow healthy and full of life!

Praying for you hon!

Taking you around and giving you one incredibly HUGE HUG!!!!

Love ya

Billy said...

8 !!! Yay !!!!
How wonderful :-)

Anonymous said...


way to go lady! congratulations on a great retrieval.

B. said...

Hurray! 8 is a fantastic number, and I'm absolutely thrilled for you and your sweetie! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Keeping my fingers crossed and am choosing not to eat my usual fried egg sandwich this morning! Have fun at camp. Love Pa

Illanare said...