25 June 2010


So yesterday afternoon, the contractions slowed-- sure, I still had them, but not nearly as often, and had an almost ordinary evening. I went to the grocery, came home, did laundry, made myself dinner. As each contraction came, I noted the time, but the spacing was so far apart that I felt the knot inside my soul loosen.

Today, it was the same until about 2 hours ago, now they are more frequent again (every 15-20 minutes), but the break? By some miracle I felt myself heal in those spaces between contractions.

Today I got a call from the Dr's office, no urinary tract infection- so this is all about spasms.

This whole thing has made me wonder if folks who have colitis/IBS are more susceptible to irritable uterus. I wonder if the same sensitivity, the same predisposition to spasms makes it more likely.

I did add magnesium (slow mag) to my daily diet-- I do not get enough leafy greens. And my prenatal has only 1/3 the daily recommended dose, so I added just enough to be 100% of RDA-- two pills, just one in the morning one at night, that way at least I won't be making this worse by depletion.

So-- my soul feels better. Even with the return of the more frequent contractions, it's as if during that break, I got my feet under me somehow. I am not sure if this feeling will last, this improved calm, this feeling of almost-having-it-together-ness, but in this moment, I am grateful for the relief.


Mad Hatter said...

I am so glad the contractions are slowing/stopping and that you are feeling calmer. Good idea on the magnesium...Keep taking care of you.


Kate said...

Gllad things settled for a while. Hope they continue to improve!

Nic said...

Glad the contractions slowed and you found some peace.
I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to have these contractions.
Hang in there. You seem to be coping so well.
Thank you for your sweet message, I have woken up feeling happier and stronger today. Maybe it's because it's the weekend!
Take care
Nic x

Pundelina said...

Thinking of you sweet-Kate. I hope those naughty spasms settle right down.


Anonymous said...


Barefoot said...

I'm so sorry that you're going through this stress, but happy to hear that things are going better, and that you're feeling better about them.