22 June 2010


30 so far today
22 yesterday
they tire me out just by existing, make me stressed, worry me-- I am envisioning a long closed cervix, but really? I need to know.
So although I gave my OB office the day off today (called sunday and yesterday) tomorrow I will call again.
I am home and on the sofa and, in this moment, am not contracting. Delightful! It feels miraculous.

I had to lie down at work for a while yesterday and again today once I triggered the "if 5 an hour" criteria.... sucks to be on the ground this big but it helped both times. I am totally hydrated, nearly clear pee-- and peed every 15-20 minutes all day. So this is about horizontality. I also noticed I don't have them as often standing up.
I've read a lot about irritable uterus and I am the poster child-- wish I could say it is nice to be typical.
Anyway, I am in need of reassurance.
Impatient Kate, I know you dealt with this forever, I bow to your persistent sanity in spite of it-- anyone else out there with it now or who had it when...? How did you deal with it?
Anyone with irritable uterus plus previa? I am in want of good news not horror stories.


Dreams and False Alarms said...

I know nothing, but I'm sending (((HUGS))) nonetheless!

Grade A said...

No info. here either, but hang in there, Kate.

sprogblogger said...

No info here. My BH days are few & far between & almost always triggered by lack of hydration. Thinking of you and wanting this to go away so you can go back to the place of not-worrying for a while.

takingbabysteps said...

I think I have IU though this has not been officially diagnosed. My BH happens every single day - when I stand, when I get into a car, when I get out of a car, when my bladder is full, when I am too hydrated or not enough, any movement at all. I am 22w and they scare me. The only things that help are lying down or standing up (not bending over). My docs do not seem to take it seriously. Once I get to 4/hr, I take a break. I am scared and counting the weeks till week 24 and viability. All the stories I read about it has good outcomes (http://www.irritable-uterus.com/). So hang in there. I am sorry you are going through this. I know how much it sucks!!!

Pundelina said...

No experience to offer, just love and ((hugs)) and wishes for squeezes to disappear!

Searching for Serenity said...

I started recognizing BHs around week 28. Althougth I'd felt them earlier than that. They gradaully increased as the months passed and towards delivery they were consistent. He came 3 weeks early but healthy. Thank God.

My two cents. Be still. Work from home (if possible). I'm not a doctor, but you've worked SO hard to get to this point and you are SO close to viability. The next few weeks are crucial. If you notice a decrease in contractions when you're lying down, that do it. Follow your gut. Do what feels good.

Like you said, visualization can't hurt either.

Mo and Will said...

Ugh. This would make me insane. I am already nervous about my cervical competence (having had three D&Cs), and i'm not even pregnant yet!

Kate, do whatever you need to do to help yourself feel better - calling the docs, lying down, taking it easy, whatever. Trust yourself and take yourself seriously.

Thinking of you.


IVF 40+ said...

How about a vertical holiday for a while? Put yourself on modified bed rest as much as you can? If laying down works... lay down!

Jamie said...

from 22 weeks on (with Ben) I contracted ALL DAY, 4-5 an hour. Never reaching the dreaded 6 an hour (our Dr's criteria to call).
Growing in strength each week.

They quit at 37 weeks. Isn't that when they should have started? :)

Devon said...

i feel for ya.....

i landed myself in l&d at 20 weeks and was there for another 5 weeks hospitalized on mag (the ENTIRE time)....then another 6 weeks at home on a terb pump. it sucked. contractions are so not fun. i only made it to 31 weeks but for me that was a huge victory.

my history is WAY bad so my drs were ultra conservative...hoping yours slow down. and don't hesistate to call your dr or rest up!