24 February 2010

snowed in *update*

At least 11" of fresh fluffy snow which is way more than we expected
my car is low and light and I simply have to wait for the plow guy.

this, my friends, is an exercise in finding peace in things I have no control over.
If I cannot go early enough to test today (I need to be there by 10 I think)
then I will go tomorrow.

It is about 2 hours away when roads are clear. And I find myself facing the bizarre and, for me, unimaginable truth that I may just have to let this go today.

Not what I expected but nothing really is, is it?

yeah, no.
Not today. But tomorrow! 9am. on my way to NYC for my weekend workshop. So I will update when I can or ask my sister to- so if she posts for me, don't panic, ok? All will be well.
She said, bravely.
(BREATHE, katekate, BREATHE).

Got plowed out at 8. At the moment, I am safely at work, have an afternoon meeting up north so that should be a diversion if it happens. Hey, I'm wearing a skirt, that is a diversion unto itself.

The snow? it is so lovely-- big fat flakes, and piled up on everything. Wet enough to pile high, even on fence posts and ponies.


Maredsous said...

My goodness. Things aren't simple are they. You seem to be handling this well.
Maybe the beauty of the new fallen snow is a tranquilizer. Maybe you secretly know that everything is all right. Either way good for you.

If you do brave the roads, be safe. Thinking of you today and hoping that waiting til tomorrow won't be that bad if that is the case.

Yes, it would be fantastic if we can clear the stats and have 100% of your bloglist end up pregnant. Looking forward to discussing the best way to take a baby's temperature with you.

pura vida,

myinfertilitywoes said...

So sorry that it might be difficult for you to get to your doc today. Ugh.

Hopefully some postive thinking posts out there will keep you going today! Safety first!!

sprogblogger said...

OMG you are so calm. You are my heroine. I would be melting the snow by now with the pure fury of my wrath.

Hoping that a bit of my NYC fury melts your snow and you can make it in before 10 anyway.

Deep breaths, Sprogblogger, if Mekate can endure this delay, you can!

Seriously, sweetie, thinking of you and hoping you're safely on the road already (or as calm as you sound, safe at home!)

Kate said...

Drive carefully if you did get plowed out!
My clinic made me wait 4 days for my second beta. Had to survive through a long weekend. And the first wasn't until 20dpo. At least by then I knew I was out of chemical territory, which was a relief in a way.
Wishing you only the best of news today or tomorrow, and though the next nine months!

B. said...

Wow- this storm isn't what they predicted, yet again. Absolutely no snow down here, but a lot more than predicted (although they did leave it kind of open-ended) north and west of the big city. I hope tomorrow's second storm hits late enough for you to make it to your beta and on to NYC before roads get treacherous.

Well, I guess I'll be able to concentrate more or less on work today, since I won't have to check your blog every 20 minutes for an update. Tomorrow, maybe I'll just call in sick and hover over my laptop.

Good luck!!

karen alonge said...

hmmm, maybe life is just helping you prepare for parenthood? dancing with the unexpected is a skill that comes in real handy, and you seem to being doing a fantastic job of it...

Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

Sorry I didn't see this earlier!! BIVF actually does bloodwork until 1pm (just ultrasounds til 10), if that makes a difference to you. You also could make your life easier if you have a Quest in your town and do your beta there. It takes a day to get the result, but since you couldn't swing by BIVF until tomorrow, no harm, no foul. You'd need to call your nurse and have her fax over an order to your local Quest.

Or, you can be a normal, non-Type A person (i.e. not me!) and just relax and be zen and go with your great plan to swing by on your way to NYC manana.

Good luck either way, I can't wait to hear beta #2!

Elizabeth said...

Yay for you -- way to roll with the weather. I hope this doesn't spin things up, but, I was 90 minutes from my clinic and had all my betas drawn at the local hospital. (This was a little bit of a pain, but hospitals are usually set up for outpatient blood work, the clinic doc just has to fax a stat order; results in an hour.) Because it was the local hospital, I could give them a "code word" and then call them myself for my result, thus getting to hear the number exactly when I was ready from a total stranger instead of enduring the wait for the nice nurse from the clinic to call and give me whatever messaging they were spinning that day. So, food for thought. I had a lot of betas (i.e., I think about a dozen, first every 3 days and then weekly), my numbers were low and slow to double, and I was a complete freak out for the entire first 6 weeks. Love to you, enjoy the snow!

Anonymous said...

OMG you are my hero in patience - you go girl!

You had a fabulous first beta - things, I am sure, are going swimmingly in there - and I cannot wait to hear confirmation of that tomorrow morning!!!

What IF? said...

All will be well, indeed. Thank goodness for your sister who has offered to put us all out of our misery tomorrow. Hope you can stay in this quiet, hopeful, snowed-in Zen place until tomorrow while we're all eagerly and somewhat obsessively refreshing your blog to hear exactly how that beta has skyrocketed. Drive safe tomorrow.

babyinterrupted said...

Aaah, the waiting - hope you are still remembering to breathe. :) All shall be well. (We'll be brave with and for you.)

Mina said...

Be safe tomorrow!{{{hugs}}} We are also getting lots of snow tomorrow.

IF Optimist, then... said...

I feel like a petulant child. I want to stomp around and stick out my lower lip like Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka. But Daddy, I WANT IT NOW!!!! Have a safe trip tomorrow and a great time in NYC. I'll be waiting and bubbling with happy positive thoughts until we hear more.

sprogblogger said...

Damn. I just checked in, hoping against hope that you got in this morning. Too. Damned. Impatient.

Thinking of you, and can't wait to see you Sunday (Oh, and Mo's still planning on being there, too!)

Drive carefully, sweetie, and have a great time at your workshop!

Mad Hatter said...

Will be thinking of you tomorrow...lots of wishes for a bountiful beta!

musicmakermomma said...

Sending you the best thoughts for a good beta tomorrow! Hope you are able to enjoy the beauty around you even with all this stress - take care!

Elizabeth said...

Thinking of you tomorrow and sending love,