29 March 2010

romancing the stone

Fucking A, people.
This did suck.
I am optimistically using the past tense.

I wanted you to know I am ok and thank you thank you for your kind words. I read all your notes and messages this morning-- thank you so much!

Lessons learned:
Just go to the ER. Denial will not work. Willing pain away rarely works.
If the pain medication they give you does not work, ask for something else. They have others that will.
Narcotics are no fun but man, they sure do take the edge off.
Praise be to the goddess Zofran.
Never underestimate the power of one hour of sweet solid drug induced sleep after two days with barely any.

I am unnaturally aware of my urethra this morning. Otherwise I am ok.
Insanely tired. Worried about the little one since the goddess Zofran was so effective (as was blinding pain) that I am not sure what is happening in there as symptoms have been swamped by other input for a day or so.

Must do all the requisite calls to dr, to insurance....
but wanted you to know I am ok.
And this time I hope I mean it.

the quick story is that saturday I was *ok*- just really tired..
but saturday night I was aware again of my kidney and my urethra, and it scared me enough to call Doug and he came home. I also called my doc, and the doc on call told me to go to the ER and get checked. So we did. And we were sent home with instructions and Vicodin.
2:30 I had another full blown attack, took Vicodin, and waited for it to work, and it did nothing. Took another dose (could take 1-2 started with one, added a second an hour later)... barfed my brains out and pain continued. ?? so, as soon as I was allowed, took another Vicodin. (I only had 4)- had about a half hour of sleep somehow, then woke, realized I was not ok at all. No pain relief. Increased barfing. Asked Doug to take me to the ER.
There, they got me on an IV with Dilaudid and Zofran and for the first time in 7 hours or so,I felt myself breathe. Was there for two doses, they sent me home with oral versions of both.

last night I let the Dilaudid run out of my system, realized I was still *ok* and went to sleep with a very clear plan-- if pain then take both immediately, if they do not help in half an hour back to ER for IV. Luckily, I just simply slept.


sprogblogger said...

Oh boy, that sounds miserable. SO glad you're feeling better, but really wish you hadn't had to go through this at all. I hate thinking of you being in such agony, but am very glad you had your darlin' and your sister there to help you through it. Thinking of you.

Mo and Will said...

Oh Kate, how absolutely dreadful. So glad that you're seeming to be on the downhill side of the pain, but really wishing you hadn't had to go through it at all. Thank goodness for sarah and doug. Thinking about you and wishing you some good rest and healing.


babyinterrupted said...

I was gone for the weekend and missed the big events - but, oh, my goodness, am I glad you're okay. I absolutely hope this is in the past tense. For good. And that you can get back to the ordinary blech instead of the radioactive pain. Peace to you.

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

Babyinterrupted is right; once this spell is totally over, the ordinary blech will seem awesome in comparison.

Thank goodness for effective pain management.

alyssa said...

i'm so glad doug is there to talk some sense into you, my stubborn friend!!!!!!!

i love you, i'm so glad you're on the mend. those are good drugs they gave you, take them!

K said...

There is a reason we have those drugs. Glad you took them and got things under control. And zofran is still my daily best friend. I've decided it's going to be ok that I have taken so much of it. The alternative would be worse. I hope you are feeling better soon...yay for past tense. Take care.

karen alonge said...

Love you, my friend. Hoping you've seen the last of this and can put it all behind you. X o

jill said...

Oh no, what a mess :( I hope this passes quickly for you. Sending pain-free thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Oh kate. So sorry you had to go through that. I hope the next pain meds you think about are epidurals! Love and healthy wishes, Jenn

Noelle said...

I've been thinking about you, ever since I read that you were having difficulty with a stone.

I have been passing kidney stones for 18 years now, and it is horrible. I have had four surgeries to remove them, and ended up passing a 5mm stone right before I got pregnant in November. I have been so worried about stones during pregnancy. My urologist had told me that they may get worse during pregnancy, but also the ureters tend to expand during pregnancy, so they may pass easier. I have been drinking water like crazy because I am so afraid of them. My last one lasted for 4 weeks (not to worry you! Mine have NEVER lasted that long!) I just drank and drank and drank, and I kept putting off meds even though I wasn't pregnant. I finally gave in and had tylen.ol with co.deine, and that seemed to relax me, and I passed them the next day.

I hope that you can pass it soon. I am so sorry. You don't need to be dealing with this right now! There are online support groups for pregnant women with kidney stones if you feel like you need someone to chat with.

Pass little bastard, pass!

Elizabeth said...

Jeeze Louise Kate, that sounds hideous. Hope it is all over, all over, all over for now and for ever. I hear you about avoiding meds; my tendency also. I recognize it as not always a good one, but.

I was talking with someone at work about this the other day and said: their must be a word for someone who doesn't like to take any medications. His response: hippie? Nice. Love (and peace, and good sleep) to you.

PS - Kate, dear, for what it's worth, I only see a boy when I think of you and your baby. (And I'm pretty sure EB has one of each.) Love.

Maredsous said...

Oh, that sounds like it really sucks. Glad you are OK and feeling better soon. Take care.

Kate said...

Glad you seem to be feeling better. Sounds absolutely horrible but I'm glad you got some dilaudid and zofran that helped. Hope the darn stone is all gone now!

Michele said...

So glad you are feeling better (but sad you had to feel so shitty in the first place!!!)

IF Optimist, then... said...

Oh Kate, it hurts my heart so much to know you are in pain and nauseated and have to go to the ER for relief. That really sucks and hope there is a solution that will let you sleep and rest and be happy again very very soon. I keep you in my thoughts and love. --Traci

chinacallphone said...

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