21 March 2010

fat pants

I suppose, if I had to, I could stuff myself in the biggest pair of my usual blue jeans. They have stretch. They have a low waistband. But. Since my belly is uncomfortable when I lean too hard onto the edge of the sink, and the low part of my belly is what is filling up, I think I may have graduated into my fat pants. I saved two pairs thanks to sisterly foresight. Almost put them in the recycling bag for wayward clothes a few months after the great kateshrinkage of early 2009. But instead, I put them up in my closet with the oh-I-was-so-optimistic stash of cheapo on sale maternity gear (a pair of jeans, a pair of shorts, a sweater...maybe other things I do not recall since I never opened the bags that came after the miscarriage, not even to process returns).

So today I am happily in fat pants. I can breathe. I relish the room. I relish the lack of squeeze around my middle.
As I am virtually assless, (not a state I am proud of or would have chosen), I may now be spending all of my time hiking my pants up.
But I am ok with that.

With luck, sometime about a year hence, I will look at those jeans tucked up into my closet and wonder if I'll ever fit in them again. But right now they are staying right where they are- piled in plain sight.

8 weeks today.
(please please please please please).


sprogblogger said...

Yes yes yes yes yes!
I need to go find some fatter-than-fat pants, since I've been IN my fat pants for about a year now, and they're getting distinctly, er, tight about the middle.
8 weeks - WOW!

B. said...

I suggest that you indulge in a BeBand from Tar-jay. It's the most amazingly wonderful sensation... all stretch and no irksome pinching. I managed to wear my normal pants for an extra month or two by not zipping or buttoning them and using the band to hold them up. It was heaven! And now, I use the band to seal out the drafts that try to sneak up under my tented shirts, and to hold up maternity pants that don't go up as high as they did a couple of months ago.

8 weeks is fantastic, Kate!! I hope you have all the good news you can handle at tomorrow's u/s.

Kate said...

I did get the uncomfotable when leaning on belly feeling till about 14 wks. You're doing well!
I'm also an assless wonder - only the full panel pants stayed p o problm. Or my stretchy non-mat sweats or yoga pants. Wish I'd seen this thing when I was struggling with the super-comfy low-rise ones:

Sarah said...

Happy Fat Pants! I think I have a belly band when you want it.

What IF? said...

Hooray for reaching the fat pant, queasy stomach phase. Though I don't wish fat-pantedness, big boobedness and nausea on anyone, I do hope that these continued developments comfort and reassure you through tonight as you prepare for tomorrow's u/s and in the days and weeks ahead.

Just because you dealt with IF doesn't mean you relinquish the right to "complain" when you become pg. So, please keep telling it like it is... guilt free. :)

K said...

Hooray for the 8 weeks, fat pants and all. :)

Grade A said...

On vacation in LA, but wanted to send the best vibes for the u/s tomorrow.


babyinterrupted said...

As I sit here in my sweat pants (in which I have spent the entire weekend except for a few hours last night, when we had friends over for dinner and I resented them for a moment because their arrival meant I had to change out of the sweats) - well, amen to the fat pants.

8 weeks. Sounds sweet. :)

Michele said...

8 weeks--- YAY!!!

Nic said...

Yay for fat pants!
Even bigger yay for 8 weeks!

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

The same problem exists on the other side -- my babies are almost 6 months old and I'm still exclusively in maternity pants.

The belly band will indeed keep you from constantly hitching. Get one that fits you now; you can always get a bigger one for later. I made the mistake of getting two that gave me room to grow since I was carrying two, and I never grew into them.

Good luck tomorrow!!!

tireegal68 said...

loving the fat pants! We are in similar places too! First twins, now one, 8 weeks pregnant. I will be facing this dilemma in the next few weeks I think. I have heard good things about the belly band but I am not sure if you have to have long shirts to cover it.
Right now i'm wearing my most comfy sweat pants lying on the couch and wondering what I will wear to work tomorrow. Ouch!
I hope that soon it won't be so much of - "if all goes well" and so many hesitations and worries - but I get it too. People I have told keep asking me if I am excited and I kind of put on a show for them because of course I am but I can't be too excited because of the what ifs.
Hope you get some peace from the worrying:)