30 October 2010


So today is a day of acupuncture with my favorite needle guy.
Spotting continues but it is the old brown of insult or injury not the new pink/red of hmmm something happening.

I started to focus my worry on induction- sometimes when I am scared about things (plural) I find a piece I can focus on that seems to embody the whole thing, and that is where my attention starts to settle and coalesce.

But in this case there are two worries, right? one is induction which I hate even thinking about (see point 1 above)
and the other which eclipses all else, is the worry that something bad will happen. More in a moment.

So yeah. After a pep talk with my sister I feel vaguely better- and have the beginning of a plan.
For my sanity MAYBE, we are thinking that if monday's check is fine, MAYBE in spite of my induction fear we will MAYBE ask for an induction at the end of next week. Otherwise all I will do is worry that Something Bad Will Happen to the baby between now and birth and folks? I cannot handle that.

I may change my mind a million more times, but to have the ghost of a plan makes me feel like I am doing something, saying to the universe that I am ready, and I need to avoid calamity.

I called my acupuncture guy yesterday afternoon and set up an appointment that I will leave for shortly
and he will see me again monday, then every day until the baby comes however that unfolds. Perhaps the best use of credit card plastic I can think of--

Emily Erin asked about the nursery--I have a photo I cannot find at the moment.
This little house came decked out in brightly colored interior paint-- pea green hallway, purple baby's room, kitchen with pea green and Yellow, living room pumpkin, blue bedroom... not much room, but high ceilings and bright colors and it felt like falling into a crayon box when I saw it.

So the baby's room began as "the purple room"-- a dark purple so dark it was midnightish--so we lightened it up by half, painted the trim white and I started buying art from Etsy to try to tell the universe I was ready for a baby (this was as we began "trying"). Time passed- the room filled with garbage/storage stuff.... we excavated, and began again. Repeat.

The room is now ready-- filled only with baby stuff- a bassinet that my mom slept in, some shelves that Doug made, Target bins, art, and space for the desk/changing table that Doug is making. We also have a crib waiting in the mudroom closet, and a fold up sleeper thingy we will use by the bed in our room.

I'll find the photo sometime and post it.

But now? Must run and go get needled.
It is a gorgeous day. I hope to walk.


Joannah said...

I've become good friends with my acupuncturist since I've seen her twice a week for the last six months. I hope your treatments will give you a deep sense of relaxation. That's what they do for me. :)

bb said...

Hi sweet Kate,
Thinking of you and wishing you the best delivery, however and whenever it comes. And wishing the acupuncture to do what you need it to do! Can't wait to see if you have a little boy or a little girl! squee!

Aisha said...

Been reading daily and wishing hoping and praying for your healthy delivery and healthy child.

I was induced. Was terrified of it. It wasn't so bad for me. It went smoothly. Only thing is, because of Pitocin and all the synthetic drugs to induce- its nearly impossible to NOT use an epidural if you were hoping to avoid it- the synthetic contractions are unpredictable and almost impossible for me to tolerate because there was hardly any rest in between one painful contraction and the next. Not saying this to scare you but hoping you can know that if you have to take an epidural you're not weak- those drugs are brutal brutal brutal. I also urge you take it slow during the pushing part. Push but rest, don't strain yourself too hard. Thanks to the hospital pushing me too hard and telling me to go too fast I had tears I didn't need to have.

If I had just not beaten myself up over the epidural, and if I had not tried to rush through the pushing phase- I think the induction wouldn't have been so bad.

Just sharing this incase it is of any help to you.

Mo and Will said...

hope the acupuncture is great today and gets things moving. makes sense weighing the fears of the induction with the Fear of something bad happening. sending all positive thoughts your way. Can't believe it's one day until your due date!!!! Wahooooo!!!!


Anonymous said...

I hope the needling works, on both levels.
I hear you on weighing your fears.

Anonymous said...

I have been keeping up - and hoping that you are holding your little on in your arms soon.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate,
A friend of mine who went past dates firmly believes acupuncture got things going for her. It was pretty painful, she said, but effective. Thinking of you and wishing you a beautiful completion of pregnancy and a healthy babe in arms very soon. warmly, karen

Barefoot said...

I hope that the needles get things moving!!! I also had lots of pedicures and had them do lots of foot/ankle work. Of course, I ended up with an induction so I obviously have nothing useful to add here!

IVF 40+ said...

Happy 'Day 0 Eve' - hope things get moving for you soon.

Emily Erin said...

I had my daughter the day after I went for acupuncture (we'd done lots of other stuff too)...

so clearly I'm a believer...

Cheering for you, holding good thoughts and glad that your 'plan' makes you feel at least a bit more in control. Sending you lots of good vibes!

Emily Erin said...

OK, so I just looked back and I had acupuncture once she was 'late' and then again a 3 days later, and she came after the second session. But I do think that it helped... (((HUGS)))

Sprogblogger's mom said...

Am so looking forward, Dear Kate, to reading about a healthy, strong, happy Kate and babe, after a normal, 'uneventful' birth. Not that any birth is 'uneventful'. I worked as an RN in a birthing center and I could NOT train for the delivery room because the Awesome Miracle of birthing a baby made me cry helplessly no matter how many times I witnessed it.

Many good thoughts and prayers for you every day [for the last many (9) months].

Love, Sarah