22 October 2010


A very long non-stress test this morning (all was well, just busy nurses)-- with LOADs of baby movement, kicks and rolls, great heart rate and accelerations, and lots of dancing on my bladder--
no cervix check until next week (if needed)-- otherwise all is well!

Tireegal welcomed her little one early after a NST indicated it was time--
I am not sure I have ever seen a more beautiful baby.

Joannah! Using the doppler this early means going LOW and pushing hard-- low= centered right above pubic bone, like, incredibly low-- pushing hard may be necessary to get close enough for a signal. Use lots of goop (KY or ultrasound stuff). In the beginning it can be hard to find the little one- easier to find your colon or your own heartbeat. Look for 130+ for the little one and it sounds like horses galloping far away- DREAMY. (You can also bring it to your doc for a tutorial).

Emily Erin-- do you have a blog we can visit? Please leave it in the comments if you do-- here you are offering so much lovely support to so many of us, I know I'd like to return the favor.

On-line friend Genevieve is into her first IVF cycle after MANY IUIs-- send a little love her way though the ether please-- she does not have a blog but love and positive energy are welcome I am sure.

And Traci! Oh, Celeste's toes! Please come visit, and I will count them over and over and over again. I really miss you, you know. Maybe if neither of us sleeps again, we can get back into emailing each other! I have questions about low cost video production! We should talk!

And not sure if you all have caught onto SPROGBLOGGER's NEW HOUSE IN NEW HAMPSHIRE, well, I am in NH too and the thought of her nearby with her wildly funny humor, amazing brain and gorgeous child? Well, damn. Nearby is relative, but I'll take it. Imagining monthly meet ups and laughing until my stomach hurts. BRING IT ON.
Betcha my next job will require a relocation.

Then I finally catch up on some blog reading and discover that baby in back seat is moving-- we never did meet in real life although I wanted to- two babies for her and morning sickness then complexities for me meant the gods were against it. No matter what, I wish her well in her big transition.

And me? Today I went to the grocery after the OB (wet cleanup aisle 5) tempting fate. Soon off to lunch with my dear friend Tammy (who gave birth to her first baby in her driveway after a precipitous labor, so I feel like I'm off the hook if something should happen, since I know she can handle it).

This weekend, for me, is all about creativity. I promised Doug I would step away from the panic stricken job search and just do things I enjoy for the next few days. I will try.

Yesterday's amazing (non baby) moment? THUNDER -- hard rain, wild wind, rain hammering on the roof and windows, and leaves blowing in circles. It was magnificent.

Due date -9 people


It is what it is said...

Wow, the single digit countdown. I remember it feeling completely surreal...like the end of my pregnancy was both upon me and still far away. The concept that what was within would be without was exhilarating.

I'm wishing you success this weekend in focusing on what you enjoy. Who doesn't deserve at least that?

sprogblogger said...

I swear I'm almost as excited for your baby to be born as I was for mine. (And, BTW, where are you in NH? We're going to be spending more & more time up here, and once you & your little one are up for visitors, we should absolutely plan on getting together regularly! PLAY DATES! Playdates for kids, playdates for moms! (And how unbelievably cool and wondrous and GOOD that we get to plan things like playdates, eh?)

Anonymous said...

Love the good news and the weather report! Way over here on the other side of the country, we've got a drizzly grey day, which is perfect for taking a nap at 10 am!

Emily Erin said...

Wahoo for single digits! So very happy that you are so close to something so wonderful. While I know that you know this, I still feel the need to tell you that the EDD is *estimated* (from the Mom of a kiddo who cooked for 41 weeks). Regardless, soon and very soon you will meet your darling child and nothing could be better.

In terms of the blog question, I do have one, but it's a Mommy blog-- DH is a pretty private person, so the IF thing was something that we kept quiet both times. So you're welcome to come visit if you want to see pictures of my 2 year old, but I won't be offended if you don't.

There's that nagging survivor's guilt so I don't post my blog link 'cause somehow that's rubbing my wonderful good fortune into the faces of those who need support more than any more pictures of children, KWIM? http://gprobins.wordpress.com

Hugs, and SQUEE-- you're getting so close!

Jamie said...

thinking of you.
praying for you.
loving you.
excited for you.
can't wait

Joannah said...

Thanks for the directions. Buffy can't eat these! I think I will take it with me to my next OB appointment and let Rajeeni show me how to use it. Great idea!

Anonymous said...

How exciting that you are so close! Soon you will be meeting your little one. Stopping the work search & doing whatever you please sounds like great advice to me.
Thanks you so much for mentioning me and asking for love & positive energy to be sent my way. That is so very sweet & I appreciate it deeply.

Sending heaps of good energy your way,

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

Thanks. I may be around longer than I anticipated, depending on how long it takes me to find someone to buy my house. Our little ones may meet after all... And us too along with them of course.

Good luck!!!!!