17 October 2010

14 days/38 weeks

Holy moly folks, today is 38 weeks. 14 days left until the official due date... Doug and I were talking yesterday about how neither of us can quite believe I am even pregnant, so yeah... wow.
38 weeks.

Loads of pelvic pressure and cramps that come and go, cervix pinches that come in clusters, and long stretches of normal big kate feelings....

Last night we lay in bed and watched the baby move---it was being so crazy we called my sister in to join us-- nice family bonding with alienbaby.

Dropped baby is supposed to mean easier breathing, bigger appetite and less reflux. OH how I wish those were true. Breath a little deeper unless I am lying down, still feeling pretty full (!) so eating is a tradeoff between want and discomfort, and reflux, damn it, still the same.

I am just a little more swollen each morning, hands take longer to feel flexible, and today my sister says I look puffy for the first time. I usually shower right away when I get up and today I didn't and I bet that activity helps keep fluids moving. I also only peed twice last night in spite of drinking about a gallon yesterday afternoon. Who knows what is what, but I do know this, a year ago, in the throes of screwed up cycles and cysts, I never would have imagined myself here.
Never would have imagined it.


sprogblogger said...

Oh Kate! You really are here, and alienbaby is almost here, too. And I couldn't be happier for you!

IVF 40+ said...

wow 38 weeks. congrats! love the bit about calling in your sister. lovely.

Anonymous said...

I am squealing with joy!

babyinterrupted said...

I feel the same way so often - 'can't believe I'm here.' Sending you lots of positive thoughts in these next two weeks!

IF Optimist, then... said...

So happy and grateful for these days to be ticking down with a healthy and happy you and the little protokiddo. An amazing journey unfolding to a glorious ending and new beginning. I love that I can refresh and check and see how you are doing and know that one day very very soon, I'll get to meet your and Doug's little babe.

How cool is that?!?