19 October 2010

EDD -12

One piece of fun of waiting in this countdown mode is wondering what (if anything) means what (if anything)--
Normal things are suddenly getting my attention a little differently-- a mad dash to the bathroom, gurgly upset belly.... does it mean...anything?

I feel golden retrievery- tip my head, look quizzical... wonder....

It is a total waste of time, I know I will know when I know, but it is irrepressible.

So today I am bundled up and drinking tea
computer here on the kitchen table
on the phone with workstuff since before 8
lunch planned with a dear friend if my belly allows (in every way)
cold today
perfectly still
only asters showing color in the front garden

the back clearing is confettied with leaves, and most of our deciduous trees are nearly nekkid except those deeper in the woods. So in the thicket of deep green and vertical shadows there is YELLOW tucked in here and there, ash and some maples, an occasional birch...
Here there are no sirens, no delivery trucks, no hums of cars in the parking lot, no murmur of voices (except those in my head)...
I find myself eating more often, small bits, and my reflux is better for it.
I make tea all day long in an electric kettle that is remarkable in providing nearly immediate hot water gratification.
Yeah, I like working from home.


Michele said...

It sounds beautiful. :) It's hard to believe that, when I'm moving into my new home, your baby may be moving into his/her new home of life outside the womb!

Anonymous said...

so exciting. It sounds like a delicious sort of anticipation.

Anonymous said...

Kate, so exciting. So thrilling. I know I don't comment often anymore but I am here every step of the way. I am on the edge of my seat. I am way down deep in my belly delighted for you.

SassyIfLady said...

Working from home can be a wonderful thing. Enjoy these moments...and the tea! I bet it helps! Take care.

B. said...

Go look at Mo's blog. She's got doubling!! Think a little elephant had anything to do with it? *wink*

Emily Erin said...

So glad that you can take it easy and enjoy the last few days before life changes in wonderful and new ways!

Kate said...

Can't believe you're so close to D-day. Wishing you a marvelous delivery.

What IF? said...

What beautiful anticipation, waiting for your little baby's arrival. I'm on pins and needles waiting for your news, Mo's news, and a dear friend who will be having her triplets any day now. The anticipation is killing me! :)

My girls turn one next week, and it made me think back to where we both were just a short year ago.

KateKate, you've walked such a long hard road to get here. May meeting your baby be everything you ever dreamed of. I know it can never ease the pain of your loss, but I hope the joy your baby brings will be infinite.

I check in often, even when I just have a minute and no time to comment... just know I'm holding you in my thoughts. Always.

With love,
-What IF?