15 October 2010

weekly OB

Quick update to say, please go send Mo some serious love. A faint second line means her hope is fading. (My hope is still intact for her, but that does not change how she feels).

Me? Overnight the baby dropped, no kidding, inches this time, and today's OB appointment with NST all showed normal everything. Holy crap.
I am strep B negative which is grand, so that was good news. Nice to have nothing new to worry about. Blood pressure fabulously normal.

So-- things are happening as they should with all attendant uncertainty. There are certain certainties of course, that this baby WILL come, and that life will never be the same.

Hot damn.


sprogblogger said...

WOOHOOO for dropping babies.

Um, not actually dropping them on, say, a hard surface. More for babies deciding to drop of their own volition.

You know what I mean.

Stalking your blog daily now, hoping to see an introduction to your new little one ANY TIME NOW!

And can't wait to see you again & meet your newest family member in person one of these days. My mom sends her love, as do I.

Barefoot said...

Hooray for droppage!! Of course, this means you'll now have to pee every 5 minutes instead of every 10. ;)

Getting so excited for your soon-to-be-arrival!

Emily Erin said...

:-D So glad to hear that the little one is seriously considering making her/his womb departure in the coming days!

So given that the lake has resolved, NST is good, you're not group B strep positive and your BP is good, do you plan to try a vaginal delivery?

I'll be praying for you no matter what, sending happy baby birthing vibes and looking forward to being 'introduced' to your wonderful little wiggler!

What IF? said...

So close now, and I'm checking your blog daily too. Thank you for keeping us all updated. I am beyond excited for you and your beloved, and am so happy that you will be meeting your little one soon.

Somethingtogrow said...

Hot damn indeed! So excited for you.