18 October 2010

holding even

All is well,
working from home starting today (wow, fast computer bliss!)
and home feels so huge and empty now that my sister and her kids have headed back south....sigh.
looking forward to them coming back soon.

Imagine: electric guitar in the living room, basketball hoop in the driveway, gluten free chocolate cake (YUM) for my mom's birthday, leaves brilliant, wind wild, cold walks, and no doubt using up more than my fair allotment of babblingwordspouringout.

Baby still wiggly, and me? Still tired out. All as it should be.

Each day that passes is one day closer, and it is so amazing to be wondering: when?


Michele said...

it is so lovely to watch your journey on this pregnancy. I know your child rearing will be just as beautiful.

B. said...

A big hug and wishes for at least one good night's sleep before you meet the munchkin. Take your time, but hurry up! Can't wait to find out who's been cookin' these last 38 weeks.