19 January 2009

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So this afternoon I got the full story from a really nice nurse named Sharon. She began by asking if I knew anything yet, if I had been told anything during the scan. I told her I knew I did not have that many follicles, but that there were two that seemed good sized.

Only one follicle at 18. And the tiny one? Not quite as tiny. My E2 is 1615 which is good.
We talked about IUI vs IVF and said it was my call but that they felt it was ok to go ahead even considering our numbers, and considering our plan to do just one cycle. So another ultrasound tomorrow morning with another E2. They'll probably have me stim one more day, maybe two. The clinic has some donated medication that they will give me if a second day is needed which is just amazing.

My emotions are still wacky, wish I did not go so easily to the sad places. Wish I got bitchy instead. I may cover this topic in another post sometime. But for now, I am tired and need to be up early so I am going to end here.


Maredsous said...

For a second there I thought you were counting. We really are about a day apart aren't we?

Don't go to the sad place. Try the happy place instead. I realize that all my posts have seemed really negative so I am making an effort to not be logical, to not think too much and to be optimistic. So I am sending some of my optimism your way. As everyone says, really and truly you only need one good one.

daves51 said...

This is a glorious day for us all and I truly believe this is especially your time.

I am thinking of you this morning and sending my energy your way.