07 January 2009


So today I called about friday morning's appointment. Since I have never been to that site before, I wanted to make sure I knew where to go and what to expect. I spoke with a very nice person who answered all of my questions about where to park, what entrance to come in, what floor to come to and then she confirmed I am scheduled for an ultrasound first, then bloodwork....and then a physical. OK, I did not expect that last part. So I asked, A physical? Well, apparently, since the egg retrieval requires anesthesia, they need a physical within a month to make sure there are no unforeseen issues lurking that could cause complications. Ahhh. Ok then. That makes sense. But...when I had the catheterization back inthe fall I was under some sort of anesthesia, and they did not check me out before that procedure. But this is fine, now I understand.

The past few days I have been working toward a crazy little panic revolving around not remembering how I am supposed to mix saturday morning's three drug cocktail--- I checked my notes from the injection meeting, and realized I had taken shit notes and that I had no idea how to get the lupron in with the follistim and repronex. A fine focus for my craziness. Strange how the minutiae starts to draw the attention when there is oh so much big stuff swirling about-- so this little thing? I put all of my anxiety there.

So, I called the clinic and spoke with Nancy and asked and was gently reminded (it is all so obvious again) and I am fine now, feel I have information and a plan. But I kind of wonder, now that this non-issue is resolved, what will I focus on next? Once I start stimming, I am sure I will find ample places for my free floating anxiety, but for now? Simply hoping my ultrasound finds all quiet on the western front.

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