20 January 2009


Besides the trauma of NOT WANTING TO FUCQ UP the mixing process, really? This was nothing. So, for those worrying? Don't. This one is not bad. Truly. It does take a bit for the pellet thingy to dissolve, so start early.

I did two shots (asked permission to do so when I spoke with Sharon this afternoon) to keep the volume per shot down. I iced the area first with my delightful little frozen clementine, and voila! Done! just.like.that.
No pain, no sting, no big deal. A little more blood for some reason. I'm still icing.

I still want to talk about the emotional stuff sometime, but right now? I have an Obama groove on.

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Maredsous said...

We really are one day apart. I stimmed last night. Go in at 8am tomorrow morning. My honey is driving home tonight. You see he works 3 hours from home and therefore I only get to see him on weekends or special baby making occasions.

Did you have to do the IM shot? I was able to do my HCG by subQ and they tested the levels this morning and everything was A-OK supposed to be over 60 and mine was 159. So here is to a nice relaxing evening at home. I am not sure that I will have internet Wed-Frid so I am wishing you all the good thoughts tonight.

Do your ovaries hurt. both of mine have a constant aching feeling. Nothing that is too painful, just persistent and a reminder of what is going to happen tomorrow.

I have never been under anesthesia before. I had oral surgery, but I wasn't completely under. I could still look around and remember vaguely the dentist crushing my wisdom teeth.