05 January 2009

thank you

First-- thank you. Thank you to those sweet souls who have commented and offered words of support. Sometimes this sure does feel pretty lonely, even knowing so many other folks have done this, are doing this, will do this crazy stuff... it is still really nice to hear from you, so, Thank you.

About Lupron, two killer headaches, and horribly interrupted sleep/ crazy ass dreams/ impressive-if-I-do-say-so-myself night sweating but surprisingly no persistent emotional component that comes close (yet) to clomid. Maybe that will kick in next week after I start the stims -- which I start maybe as early as saturday. On that note, I've been thinking about friday morning's baseline appointment. The appointment is over an hour away and only a half hour after my usual shot time.
Will I bring a carefully prefilled lupron syringe with me and shoot up in some random parking lot en route? I am thinking yes. How else will it work out? I can handle it I think. It just seems so nutty.

And in preparation for the stim portion of this program, I bought a scale. My first in well over 5 years. And I can say this: I DID NOT MISS IT. I do not like it. I will ditch it when this is good and done. Maybe I will beat it with a stick and then ditch it. I feel about it the way I do about 3 way mirrors. There are just some things better left unknown and unseen.

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Maredsous said...

Hi Kate,

We are going through the cycle at about the same time. I will be 42 in April. I am terrified that I waited to long. This is my second IVF cycle. The first was a complete bust because I did not stimulate at all. Then 13 days later I ovulated right on schedule with two follicles and we did an IUI.

Now, we are going to do a Lupron flare protocol. Maybe I was oversuppressed last time.

Hope your cycle goes well and that your reaction to the hormones starts to subside.