19 January 2009

6, with 2 > 18

The ultrasound this morning was with a nice person named Julie who actually introduced herself to me before the procedure. 6 follicles this time, including a tiny new one (10mm) since friday. 2 of them over 18mm already so, we'll see what the E2 says. I should hear the official report this afternoon about what is next and will update tonight.

I have only enough medications for tomorrow. So if they want me to go longer, well, the logistics have me a little worried. I know the amazing pharmacy will help if I need something fast (free overnight shipping, bless them). But really? I am ready to be done.

I have to say, the emotional side of this is starting to kick my ass. I'm feel pretty well wrung out. I am ok- really, I am. I just am aware of an upswing in the same kind of creepingshit thinking that is oh so familiar to me from the clomid days. So. I am trying to keep a handle on it since really, that is all I can do. But, this part is clear: I do not want to feel this way.

Thanks to Maredsous and Joannah and GradeA and Sarah and bb and Elle and Nic and Mo and B (alas,no link!) and Alyssa and Karen and my own fine sister for your kind comments and sweet support. While I am feeling far from brave, I sure am feeling supported. Thank you all.


Maredsous said...

Yippee! that is awesome. I think you officially have a cadre of follicles. I am at work and can't type much. But you are in my thoughts

bb said...

Oh good to have more follies! That sounds really good. Hope E2 comes back just right. Hopefully if you do need more meds it will not be too bad to get them quickly. But I understand the worry, I didn't order all they prescribed me for this round, because last time I had so much leftover! That decision might cause me some worry later if I run out at the wrong time or something. Hang in there, I know the emotional toll can suck. And just all the waiting too.

Nic said...

Great about the follicles, fingers crossed for the E2!

Sarah said...

you're very welcome, and thank YOU. hope you're done with the stims soon and spared at least the hassle of rounding up more drugs. and that it turns out to be not nearly as bad as the evil clomid.

Joannah said...

You're welcome! Sounds like you're not through generating those follicles. My clinic always has extra meds on hand - perhaps yours has some to loan you if need be.

I'm sorry you're feeling grumpy. I hated that about Clomid. I just saw an acupuncturist today, and she said one of her goals was to support my hormonal system so that I don't get grumpy during IVF. For my husband's and students' sake, I hope she's successful! LOL!!!