14 January 2009

All hail the menopur

All hail the menopur. NO welts, no incessant stinging. Just an ouch, and done with some sting. The night dose (150) aches and stings more. But this is so much better, I am not going to complain. My vials came today (Ascend pharmacy in Portland Maine is simply amazing. Their customer service is incredible.)

For those wondering, the injection needle for the stims is 30 gauge, very tiny thin, lovely.

Next ultrasound/E2 draw friday morning. I have to do an injection right before my appointment. I am really glad I am a little better at this now.

Still no internet at home, but I am working on it. Sorry to be brief.


Grade A said...

Yeah, Menopor!! Funny, you can tell us to stand on our head and eat pigeon dung and we'd do it (i.e.-you would have suffered those welts if they hadn't said the magic words "less effective").

I am on day six of lupron, and so far, so good. My anxiety was in regard to my body's reaction (how promising can "menopausal symptoms" be?), not the shots themselves.

Cheers! Good luck!

Elle said...

So glad the Menapour is working out better for you. Crossing my fingers for good results for you on Friday.

And holy cow, I'm madly jealous of your pharmacy with good customer service. I've never even been to Maine, but I'm thinking I'm gonna move there... ;)

Maredsous said...

It is great to hear that Menopur is not causing you the same irritations. I take it you are dosing twice a day. I was going to ask my RE about that, but probably don't want to change too much each cycle.

My injection needle is 26g, but I ran out and had to use some from work so I grabbed some 27g.

I am also very impressed with my pharmacy IVPcare. They will send things out next day if necessary and are always so cheerful and friendly. Maybe there is something about being in the business of helping people make babies.

I will have my next U/S on Friday morning, too. Please try to sneak onto the blog and fill us in on the good news!

XXing my fingers.