25 January 2009


Today was hard, we would have transferred today. I did not seek out things to make me blue, but I woke with it already in my heart. It is not awful, I have had some days now to get used to it. But it did make me sad.

Joannah asked me about acupuncture-- yes I am doing it, and yes it freaks me out a little (needles) but I really like the guy who is my practitioner and the needles are so fine that it is only truly uncomfortable once in a while. I started about 6 weeks ahead- maybe 8... and I will continue while we figure out what the hell we are doing. I canceled my appointment yesterday (my pre-transfer appointment) since I was simply not able to deal with it. But I will go tuesday as I have been.

Oh Maredsous, thank you so much for your comment and oh, I hate your outcome and I am so sorry. I wish we did not have this uncommon thing in common. This is so crazy. I wish on you complete and simple success in your next attempt.

Like so many of us on the heels of a failure, I've researched options, find myself considering things-- estrogen priming, DHEA, IVF in the Czech republic to save money, or an expensive round in Colorado where they have better luck with women over 40 than other clinics in the US-and do pre-transfer genetic testing (not an option at my clinic)... I am not quite to the point of smoking goat bile or whatever but I am all for chemicals and small needles
I mean heck, isn't that what IVF is all about?

Luckily, I'll talk with someone tomorrow at the Dr's office, and get some information on what's next, even if what is next is simply an appointment.


Sarah said...

i'm sorry about your crap weekend. i hope your conversation with the RE's office tomorrow leads to some answers, or at least a path forward.

Maredsous said...

Hey Kate,

I just spoke to another woman who had a baby at 42. She did injectables and IUI. I am thinking that might be something I will do in the future. Or my RE suggested screening my ovaries for cycles where there are more antrals to increase the cohort size during an IVF. As I said we were borderline going for the IVF over the IUI and I am not convinced that IVF will yield a greater success rate. (my sister in law who is 22 had to go through three rounds of transfers before they got one to stick) I think she had healthy blastocysts too)

Still need to talk to the RE, but I am definitely going to start the Dhea. I think Belgium also has cheap IVF.

Joannah said...

I think you are an amazing woman, and a lot like me! You're already looking ahead for your next step, that's what I'd be doing, too.

I'll be here cheering you on.


Anonymous said...

sunday must have been hard, i hope you can find some other options out there for the future and find some hope in your doctor's appt tomorrow. good luck. i'll send you all the good thoughts i can muster.