20 January 2009


Holy moly, I just got the call, I trigger tonight. Retrieval on thursday morning. Hoping for 5 (so says Sharon, the coordinating nurse with whom I spoke), and I am ok with that.

For those keeping track, E2 2246, follicles at 21 20 18 15 14 and one or two littler ones...it is stim day 11.

I'll report back after the HCG shot tonight. I realize that of all the things I've read, folks usually just say "yeah, I did that" and do not say much about what it is like. I'll try to tell you.

And this morning? Stimming in the bathroom at the center? (sounds naughtier than it was, trust me)-- I dropped my mixing needle into the toilet. Luckily I had a second injection needle with me (I kept an extra one in my travel ziplock "just in case")-- phew. Crisis averted.

Then as I was telling my story, my smart sister asked if I just got another needle from the clinic. Um no. I NEVER EVEN THOUGHT OF IT. As for stimming in the bathroom? Let's say I went to the check-in window and asked for a room for a few minutes to do the injection, I bet, I bet they would have let me use that instead. I never even thought of that either.

So much for clear thinking. Yikes.

PS Today I am feeling VERY HOPEFUL and proud to be an American. I am very very clear about that.


daves51 said...

The planets are aligning.

T minus 40:00:00 and counting.
All systems go!

Talk about change!

Sarah said...

yes me too, i am inaug-elated!!

best wishes for tomorrow morning, i hope you get lots of beautiful little eggs!

Joannah said...

Good luck!!!

alyssa said...

happy triggering. i love you