28 January 2010


Ordered more needles today to keep up with my increased consumption- smaller shots are the way to go--- it still sucked since for me, follistim burns like regret, but it was much better, I will not dread it tonight, and it will be fine.

Belly is much better today but I still feel really really weird headed (weird even for me) and my belly is making the most incredibly loud burbling sounds, so maybe tomorrow will be exciting again. Yay. Something to look forward to.

As we've all said and agreed, I'm just keeping my eye on the goal here,
and using the ever popular countdown method to get from here to there-- 8 more follistim evenings. Mornings are a piece of cake injection-wise. No burning. No dread. Evenings I will split the follistim into 2 or 3 injections- oddly MUCH easier. I feel more under control now.

So! hate just talking about cycling bullshit, injection blah blah la la la .... but there were no turkeys in my yard this morning....
what can I talk about?
snowy looking sky
black water of the stream running through the white ice shelves that jut out along the edges
the footprints from deer under all the apple trees in the orchard
the fuzzy blonde pony with the long eyelashes who stands by the fence waiting for fresh hay
the funny white dog with brown spots who sits on hisorher dog house so heorshe can see over the big white picket fence and watch the passing cars

Here's something happy: My dear friend Maredsous is blogging again! Her new blog is hcgmepdq (pretty darn clever). Maredsous and I cycled together over a year ago, she is a wonderful person and a sharp cookie-- smart smart. She's doing a DE FET so if you have a moment, stop by and say hello. As we all know, support really matters.


Anonymous said...

God, I am wishing so hard for you this cycle.

Thanks for offering to come help! My husband helps me with EVERYTHING and my sister in law comes over when I need something too - I am definitely not overexerting myself!

Megan said...

follistim burns like regret

Love it.

I inject follistim really really really really slowly. Like my 450 units takes about fifteen minutes to inject. Seems to help with the burning.

FYI -- I did not know about the burning when I first injected it and ended up doubled over on the floor in pain.

Kate said...

All those shots sound like a huge pain - I sure hope they work for you! Gonal-F didn't sting. I think the orgalutran did. Or was it menopur?
Thanks for the encouragement on the house stuff. It's scary to be doing all this!

Jules a.k.a. Julie said...

Glad you got your med administration where it is more tolerable. I'm so rooting for you! I love the visual of the fuzzy blonde pony with the long eyelashes. You have a gift!

IVF 40+ said...

Cycle on sista!! I am about to inject PIO into my very sore ass but wanted to drop you a line of support and say how lovely your abode sounds! Great place for kids.

Maredsous said...

It is odd to hear you saying that you have nothing to write about. You are always so thoughtful and eloquent. You could make oatmeal sound beautiful and scrumptious.

We are going to make it this time.

Thanks for the shout out.

Phoebe said...

Coming out of my emotional cave to root you on. Everyone is so different. I did 450iu of Follistim my last cycle, and it didn't bother me at all. I can't imagine doing more than one shot, though I did have to break up my Follistim in the end because I just had 300s that were donated to me. I love those tiny needles they come with though! Hope you get through the next week without too many s/e. You go girl!!