16 January 2010


First, a giant heartfelt thank you to truly lovely B from No news isn't always good news for being such wonderful company. She is warm and generous (THANK YOU B!) and welcomed me with open arms. She made it so easy in spite of my initial social awkwardness. It was such a treat to sit and be and talk about a million things and not worry about whether I dance funny.

How fun to discover we have weird things in common besides this IF bullshit, and time simply whooshed by.What a beautiful person. (Her eyes, people, I have never seen bluer).

She is my first real-life meeting from this amazing community and I could not ask for better. I hope we'll see each other again before too long- not sure if it will be before or after Ishkabibble's arrival. But I look forward to it either way.

Ok Boston folks, we'll try again for a larger gathering. Babies and bellies are welcome. Helps me see tangible evidence that this sometimes actually works!

Off of DHEA (Doc O did not want me on it during the cycle, Hurrah! I feel so much better already- much less blue. That stuff really steals my happy.).  I start Lupron tomorrow night and Mestinon tomorrow morning.  Anyone out there been on Mestinon? (aka Pyridostigmine). I'd love to hear what you think...

Hope to hike tomorrow and take advantage of this lovely warmth before it disappears again.

Feeling warm and relaxed, sitting with a big mug of tea on a table nearby and the cat up behind my head purring, and will spend some time getting back into my writing project which feels just exactly right.

Thank you B for such a wonderful day! My fingers keep finding the rose quartz as a warm reminder that this may just work. If not This way, then That way. Thank you.


Michele said...

So glad you had such a good meeting! Fingers crossed!!!

Pundelina said...

So nice to hear that your hookup went beautifully.

Good luck with this cycle Kate!


Anonymous said...

That is great that you were able to make a connection in person - I am so excited that you are starting your meds!

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

Glad you had fun. All of my bloggy encounters to date have been so worth it.

Off and running... good luck!

just me, dawn said...

aww, so happy that it was good! I wish I was up your way because I would take you up on it, but the jersey shore is a bit too far.
yay for your cycle starting!