30 January 2010

ok so far!

The message said:

" Hi, this is Heidi from Boston IVF. We want you to continue with the same doses (that she then reiterated), and come in on monday at 7:45 for an ultrasound and bloodwork".

Um E2? hello? Follicle count? lining? Anything?

Ok, in spite of all of that, I did not lose site of this: the most important thing? not canceled, so I am going to assume that all is well.
At the US I said I know you probably cannot tell me anything specific, but it would be great to hear that things look ok. She looked and said, things look good. So I asked, so I have follicles? yes, she said.

But how many? which side? I am an info junkie! Please tell me! Let me see! Let me count them measure them get to know them take solace in them... but no.

So, again, keeping perspective since I am not quite that nutty (no really, I mean it)
most important thing? not canceled. I'm ok with that, but you can be sure I'll be asking for numbers on monday.

It was too darn cold to hike today. Bitterly cold. Frozen face cold.
Must get up even though I do not want to, forgot to take the Mestinon.
Oh, right, that? something about my morning dose (150 menopur and the Mestinon) I get super acute eyesight, swimmy head, and if I don't eat? I slur. Anyone else have anything like this ever? My brain works fine, but my mouth will not cooperate. Just curious.

And sending extra love to Traci for her recent scary unexpected cerclage-- a with-it ultrasound tech thankfully caught an overeager cervix in time. (I like the term overeager instead of incompetent which just makes me mad/sad). And to dear A who is having a spectacularly bad day.


Anonymous said...

Gah - I had an IVF nurse like that - the worst was when I got the message after she left for the day!

But - I am glad to hear that you are not canceled!

I was jacked up from the meds too - I was on super high doses and I did have some fuzzy headed/talking moments.

sprogblogger said...

Good not to be cancelled - and yeah, I'm an info junkie, too, but the big thing is "not cancelled" and continue with what you're doing. I always worry when they switch my dosages mid-cycle... I'd say that's a really good sign, actually.

Oh Kate, fingers crossed so hard that my hands are cramping. Happily cramping, but cramping. Let this one be the one! You are in my thoughts & I'll be stalking until you get those follicle counts & E numbers...

IF Optimist, then... said...

Thanks for the good thoughts sweetie. Me and the monsters are hoping hoping hoping that you'll keep on steady without much bad reactions to the drugs and will be feeling better soon.

Sending lots of love and good wishes and much magic in the cold night air.

Eileen said...

I got cold just thinking about your description of MA. Now I remember why I am on this coast at the moment. YAY for moving forward with the cycle. Looking forward to your update Monday. Thinking lots of follie growing, E2 increasing thoughts for you!

Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

Yay for not cancelled! I've been there so I know how great it is to hear to keep going. And with the BIVF nurses, they'll give you as little info as possible unless you grill them. I think they're told to do that because some patients don't want to hear all the details. Me? I ALWAYS grilled them, but it's tough if you miss them and get a voicemail. You could always call you own nurse in the morning for the details, I've done that before. Or wait until she calls tomorrow afternoon and ask for the details from the past two ultrasounds. Either way, great news and good luck tomorrow!

Billy said...

Sucks that they don't give you any info. It is your body and you should have the right to know!

And hoping and praying and rooting for you this cycle!

Dirk said...

Not cancelled, that's the opposite of failure, therefore a success, if you follow my logic. Congratulations, and good luck.