26 January 2010


January thaw is in full swing. Grass is showing where more than 2 feet of snow blanketed the ground just yesterday, fog and wind and rain have made the hillsides nearly free of snow, and the stream is running so high and fast it looks like springtime.
It is warm enough out there to be nekkid (as I said earlier to Elizabeth), and I am torn between wanting to run forward toward buds opening and grass greening and wanting to say Wait! I'm not done yet! (Sweater season suits me in many ways).
Luckily, the cold will be back, and it will not be up to me to choose.
Last night when the rain stopped, the clouds broke open and the sky was so clear that looking up felt like falling.

Today is cd2- period arrived last evening (finally) clearly, so today I went for baseline blood work (no U/S!) and I am waiting to hear about starting stims tonight. Cramps are insane but these folks are allowing me my beloved Advil. Praise the god/goddess/all-that-is. (**Update: E2 36.3 "perfect", I start follistim tonight, back on saturday for bloodwork and ultrasound**)

I dreamed last night, dreamed and dreamed and dreamed. I dreamed finally I was facilitating a workshop, a creativity workshop. Hmmm I say. Hmmmm.


B. said...

Perfectly perfect... what a perfect way to start! I'm rooting for you, sending positive embie vibes your way, along with telepathic hugs any time you need or want one.

This small taste of spring has been refreshing, but I'm ready for some more winter, too.

sprogblogger said...

Hurrah on every level! Hurrah on perfect bloodwork results, and on being allowed Advil in your time of crampiness, and on dreaming such wonderful, portentious dreams. Thinking of you!

Mad Hatter said...

Sending you thousands of wishes for a glorious cycle!

Sarah said...

Off to an excellent start! or shall i say EGGCELLENT! hahaha..haha...ha.... *crickets*

no seriously, congrats kate, what could be better than perfect? yippee!!!!

Michele said...

sounds great!

(and I am with you on running through the snow!)

K said...

Crossing all my fingers and toes for you, and well, my eyes too. :) I'm glad you're starting again. Let this be it this time. Take care.