03 August 2009

16dpo update

no no, nothing that good.
I just got a call back from the clinic.

Sweet Sharon said: they don't usually do a blood test for anyone until day 18, that includes IVFers. it is just standard practice. the cramping I had last week sounded like implantation cramping to her. If so, even though this is day 16 this is still early since that cramping was thursday night and friday night. So--

option 1: wait it out. pee on sticks if I want. keep up with the progesterone.
option 2: ask/demand/beg for a blood test. She said she would order one if I needed it. She was very sweet but made me feel like I maybe could (not should) wait.
two more days?

My period may come in the meantime. Or not. She said she'd feel horrible to pull the progesterone too soon if it is helping something get established.

I am leaning toward waiting. I realize that I am extra impatient since I do not think this worked and I want to get on to the next thing that might.
But she made me realize that until my period comes, really comes, not just spotting and cramping, that maybe, maybe maybe there is a tiny minute sliver of a chance of a something and if so, why rush it.



And, because I am kate, I told her I will call her tomorrow either way, because a little reassurance goes a long long way.


Eileen said...

Good luck. I hope you are wrong and we will hear good news from the blood test results in a couple days.

Anonymous said...

I am still stubbornly standing in the hope camp. All this cramping and spotting sounds all to
familiar to this cycle for me. I know it's too hard to let yourself fall completely in with hope but I'm going to wait over here for you anyways. Kisses.

Michele said...

Didnt read this before my last comment.

Yay for your positive nurse! I agree that hoping for the best is the best right now. Although I'm bummed that 18dpo is their beta day! I can understand if you demand a test or wait it out. But the waiting is agony. Hopefully there will be a + pee stick to bring some added confidence. Please.... Please... Please...

Fingers crossed!!!

Megan said...

Hope!!! There is hope!!! Just a couple days.

Joannah said...

What? You have to beg for a blood test at this point? Eighteen days is much longer than my clinic ever made me wait. I'm so sorry that's the way they do things. I'd much rather you have that done now and know one way or the other. That way you could celebrate or move forward.

Okay. I'm done now.


Melissa said...

I'm so sorry that this has been an unfairly torturous cycle. I was also serious about my offer about the free Follistim (if you use it in your protocol.) Email me at amy dot melissa at hotmail dot com if you're interested and I can overnight it to you in time to use (if needed).

IF Optimist, then... said...

Oh sweetie. I'm sorry this is drawn out and frustrating. I will plunk my ass down in the hope circle and cheer for you. Each clinic has their own protocol I guess. While I'm sure you just want to scream at the sky, two more days will come and go and you will know soon. In the meantime I'll stand by you. Watch Baraka yet?

Phoebe said...

I can't believe they make you wait until 18 DPO! That just sounds cruel to me. I'd be begging at this point. I hope pee sticks don't work for you or you got a bad batch. HUGE HUGS!!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that you have to be in this limbo - I am here pulling for you.

Mad Hatter said...

Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! I feel like I've already had dessert and left a tip and you're still waiting for your main course! (FYI to anyone reading this - I had a negative blood test on Friday) Dear Kate, I marvel at your strength and patience and absolute wonderfulness through all of this - you are a gem and I am sooooo hopeful that your main course is two delicious lines on a stick!!!

Kate said...

UGHHHHH. Sitting here thinking of you and feeling frustrated along with you. It blows!

Btw Kate did you ask for progesterone suppositories or did they give them to you? Like, did they do testing and found you had low progesterone? The reason I ask is that I may do Clomid next time I TTC so we can know when I ovulated and start prog suppositories immediately upon ovulation. I'm trying to figure out what to do since some research says prog supp's have no effect while others swear by it. I'm scared to start a Clomid cycle just for prog supp's if its not necessary but the research is so up in the air.

Maredsous said...

16 days past. I am highly suspicious that you must be pregnant. I am days behind you and my period started today. Wishing you all the best.

Elizabeth said...

Hey you -- sending hopeful and relaxed energy your way. Sucks, sucks to wait; sucks to be uncertain; sucks to be here at all; and, nice to think that anything is still possible this cycle and (if needed, but I hope it's not) the next. Love to you,