23 August 2009


see? I knew I would accidentally forget someone, because I suck at this.
Sooooooo who did I forget? Hmm? Any guesses?

I FORGOT HOPE! which is so profound really that I hardly know what else to say.

Hope from Living in Hope, please accept both my apology for not including you yesterday and the lovely blog award.


Michele said...

you are too funny, Kate!

IVF 40+ said...

If I could sing online I would do the that do do do do spooky theme tune.
Yeah, too much sugar for me today!

Pundelina said...

Awww - I've been avoiding the interwebs and only just now saw your kind acknowledgement. I think you are definitely a lovely blogger.

I ovulated too (as you know) so we shall live in our TWW together and be hopeful that for us both the odds work in our favour. Someone has to make up that 4-5%. Let it be us.


K said...

I'm sure you've been nominated before...but I didn't see the award. So I nominated you again for an award. Check out my blog.

Hope said...

It really was no problem but Thank you Kate! Here's to Hope :-)