11 March 2009

IM my a**

Tonight's injection sucked more than rocks. Hurt badly even after 10+ minutes of icing prior to the shot. I was not ok. It was not ok.  It made me realize just how close to the surface my fragile emotions are.

So tomorrow morning I will get help with a butt shot instead.  Let's hope that is markedly better than tonight's was, since really, the thigh totally sucked. 

PS E2 501. stim day 10


Elizabeth said...

Hi Kate -- I've been lurking, but thought I might have something helpful? supportive? to contribute on the IM injection thing. First though, jeeze, you have been through a lot and I just have to say: hang in there sister, I really don't have any other words to offer; know that you're getting positive energy and thoughts from out west. I went though IVF about 2.5 years ago and gave myself all my IM shots. I was terrified, having hardly had any shots as an adult, let alone ever given any, let alone to MYSELF. But, I got through it and so can you. Here's what worked for me: warm the meds, you want them body temp, if possible (this really helped with the PIO especially). I would draw up the medication the night before and leave it next to the bed and then slip the needle into the waistband of my PJs in the morning so it could warm up while I padded around the house and drank a cup of coffee -- or at least made one to drink after the shot. It also helped me not to have the stress and anticipation of all the mixing/getting ready -- I had the meds all ready, I just had to get through the shot. I never iced the area before. This works for some people but, well, I hate cold things. For me the combination of body-temp meds into body-temp body worked better. Heating pad, or damp heat, on the area after injection also helped. If you can situate yourself so you can sort of see where the injection is going, that's good. Weight on the foot opposite the cheek you're injecting into. Get lined up, my nurse told me upper, outer butt area, just above where the top of your jeans pocket would be. Wrong place is more painful, so make sure you've got good instructions on where the shots should go. I would sort of balance part of my wrist against myself with the tip of the needle just against, but not pressing on the skin. Get situated and set. Deep breath in and, for me, I breathed out, calmly, calmly, while putting the needle in because that was the hardest part for me.

Once you start, don't hesitate, don't stop -- slow and steady. The first part when the needle is just going through the skin with all the nerves in it is the worst; if you get hung up there, it's bad. Try not to move the needle around a lot once it is in there, slow and steady inject the meds; breath deep, just get through it, worked the best for me. I sincerely hope this helps...even if what works for you ends up being totally different, I know you will find it. (Because I would be curious: my outcome was, beautiful boy from IVF at 38. Devastating failed FET when trying for his siblings at 40.)

Nic said...

Poor you. I really feel for you. I find when I inject animals IM they react a lot less if is injected slowly. That is the only helful comment I have, sorry! Hope it gets better

What IF? said...

Unfortunately, I have no advice, just admiration and lots of it. I do hope it gets easier as you find a technique that works for you and your body.