19 March 2009


Oh yes my internet friends--on the topic of the progesterone suppositories I so agree- I absolutely hate the persistent gloop of it. The "how can something so small produce so much stuff?" part of it. The stain through a pantyshield, underwear AND pants part of it. And, well, in the spirit of trying to find the positive, I am counting my blessings so far that this has not catalyzed the mother of all yeast infections considering my delicate self.
That all being said, I did ask why the heck I needed to do this for an IUI- and got an answer that I was ok with: basically with so many screwed up hormones, things might not do what they would in a natural cycle what with all the messing with the pituitary and all, so why take chances.  Alrighty then.

Me? I am home with an evil viral flu-y thing that started with a razory throat yesterday morning and progressed to chills, fever, achy skin and joints, and snot in all of its various forms by midday. I literally could not get out of bed until noon and have been on the couch ever since. I called my beloved sister last night for reassurance-- needing to hear that somehow this shitty flu thingy will NOT endanger any embryo that might be floating around in there and cause it to think of me as a hostile environment and bail out-- and she said no- reminded me that babies are made in times of war and famine,  and in the midst of all sorts of sicknesses, so not to worry.
Who me, worry?  As if. *cough*


Joannah said...

I hope you feel better soon.

I used the progesterone suppositories with 3 of my 5 IUIs, and I always felt like I was on the verge of a yeast infection. The yuck factor cannot be underestimated!!!

IVF 40+ said...

Oh man, feel better. At least you are resting which is good for both of you
Thank you so much for your lovely comment. EB

What IF? said...

Thank you for being so supportive. You are truly amazing and I appreciate your comments on my blog even more knowing that you're in the midst of a converted iui 2ww.

Ugh, the suppositories. Yucky, messy, with unpredictable ooze when one least expects it. I hate them with a passion. Give me needles any day.

May you kick the flu soon, and get your strength back. The embabies will be fine.