10 March 2009


Hi folks, up North, in a hotel, typing on a tiny keyboard (my new linux dell mini refurb)--things are definitely changing inside, more sensations, more side effects of the increased estrogen. I am feeling more positive now that I am feeling something physical rather than just side effects of the medications--headaches, tiredness, acne. At 300$/day, I am hoping we don't have to stim too long. I have 4 and a half more days of medication. I imagine they'll see me again on friday.

I'm ok. I am not sure how but I am not knocking it. Much better than blue.

Not sure how this will post, so I'll stop here. Will update tomorrow once I know something.

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Anonymous said...

glad that you are feeling better. it always helps to actually feel like your body is *doing* somehthing, you know? :)