12 March 2009


Butt shot? Successful!
Basically ow ow ow ow done.
No OWs. No ferchrissakes what was I thinking. Just done.

Elizabeth- thank you for your amazing comment- how generous of you to share your experience and I will definitely take your advice! And I agree- the top layer is the tough one- I will be doing my own injections quite possibly tonight and probably tomorrow morning-- I am a pusher not a jabber too-- but now I know it is not nearly as bad as the thigh, it will be much easier. Like so much of this shite, it is so hard the first time through, and then so hard to deviate from a known set of tasks (shot in belly, known quantity)-- so friggin scary anticipating what-it-might-be-like to face a new procedure, process, injection type, location, medication.

so, the first one under my belt (as it were)-- I iced before hand but the spot I iced was below the injection area-- and it was over once, it really was over -- very much unlike the thigh that bitched and moaned at me for a few hours.

Other good news? Shot #2 of ganirelix was a non issue. Only a small red region, no welts, no itching, just a plain old shot site. But yesterday's dose is wrecking havoc with my intestines. Luckily I know that ride well.

Thank you all for your generosity and support, kind words and stories. I hate the aloneness/powerless feeling of this, and with you folks out there, it makes a world of difference-- So to Elizabeth, Sarah, April, and Maredsous, GradeA, Joannah, Nic, bb, and IVF 40+, Anonymous, and yes even you Dave51, and to all of you I did not mention:THANK YOU. You know what I'm talking about.


Nic said...

Blogging is great for having support, we all grow stronger by supporting each other. So pleased the butt shot was better! Well done

Grade A said...

I can't help but think of the Nietzsche quote: "That which does not kill you..." You know the rest. Girl, you are strong!

Sorry about the intestinal distress. Hope you feel better soon.

Joannah said...

Happy to be here for you! I think you are amazing and brave to be doing your own IMs.

My stomach was a wreck during stims, too. But we finally figured out it was the antibiotic they had me on. Once I was able to switch antibiotics, I felt so much better.

Elizabeth said...

Yay! One down, some to go. They only get easier once you know what to expect.

Sarah said...

oh shit i'm so sorry i forgot to mention that the thigh is absolutely brutal! helpful comment now, eh? glad the butt worked out much better. you CAN do this!!

IVF 40+ said...

I found that replacing the needles AFTER mixing really helpful with butt shots. I also found heat better than ice but then I didn't want to add the shiver, prefer the little heat pad!
Thank you for being so honest with your process. I have learnt so much from you

What IF? said...

Jeepers, is there no end to the suffering with IVF? So glad the butt worked better than the thigh. You are incredibly strong. I really admire your willpower and perseverance, Kate.

Anonymous said...