11 March 2009

still hanging on

So, today I had another ultrasound and blood draw. I've no idea what my E2 is yet but I can say this: Only one follicle over 1 (and it is at 1.4 I think)-- 3 others around .7... "a few unmeasurable" that I did not even see--- so it is not bad enough to stop yet or good enough to feel confident about going forward. And there are a few changes:

Since that one is bigger and growing, I injected Ganirelex in my belly at lunchtime when I got back here to work -- and now have a big 2-quarter sized welt (anyone else have this response?) and palm sized red spot and man is it ITCHY. I am icing it.

All stims will now go intramuscularly (IM) instead of into the belly fat and I am very sorry to hear that especially after seeing the needles. This scares me silly.

Friday we will rescan. If my one bigger one is still growing and the others are not, we'll convert to IUI-- probably trigger friday night, IUI sunday. If by some miracle of IM injections the others decide to give it a go and the big one has slowed down, I will go back monday to see how things are going.

Not trying to tempt fate, but since we were there, we also spoke to the great nurse, Sharon, about egg donor stuff and embryo donor stuff and feel a lot better prepared to handle whatever is next for us. I am not feeling *good* about any of it, but I am feeling resolute.

As for my ovaries? They're giving it a go. My endometrium had not improved at all since Monday. But there's still some time. I am trying to just be with what is. Even if what is is a 1" 23 guage needle with my name on it.

Anyone else inject your own medications IM? Any tips? I am going to ice it and pray. But the thought makes we want to york. Wish I were better at bucking up, but really I am a big chickenshit. I'll be better or worse after tonight's first try in the library bathroom. Think of me around 7:30. Hope I don't yell. It sure is echoy in there.


bb said...

Hi Kate, I did do a few of my own IM injections. I say my own, but really it was a tag team effort with my husand. He did NOT want to stick the needle in so I got him to pinch my skin and then I would stick the needle in and keep it steady while he pushed the plunger in slowly. This was for PIO so that stuff is really thick. For the meds you are probably on now, it may not be as hard to push the plunger yourself.

It was actually not as bad I thought. I think the thought of it was actually worse than doing it. Another thing, is to find the right spot, I am sure they told you this. But it actually hurts less once you find the right area!

Good luck, I am thinking about you!!

daves51 said...

I'll be thinking of you and yell as loudly as you want to!

Sarah said...

oh gosh, why can't it ever just be easy???! i have no assvice on IM self injections but i have seen some bloggers post youtube videos, you may get some tips from those?

check here: http://ivfshootemup.blogspot.com/2007/11/pio-given-im-by-self-injection-into.html

there are several other self-injections after the first video. almost all are PIO but you can take comfort that yours will certainly be easier than the thick oil!!

Anonymous said...

I was always so happy I didn't have to do any IM injections. I remember those as a kid and hated it. I guess, though, since you suggested it you must be buying into the idea. That should help your mind set.

I am glad you are handling this cycle with such patience. I really think reducing the stress and worry will make it more successful. Wishing you all the best.


Joannah said...

I don't think I could do the IMs myself. I count on Michael or my mom to do that for me. Good luck with that!

I hope you continue to move through this cycle with confidence and resolve. You're in my prayers.