26 March 2009

twingy kate

Just stopping in to say hello. I need to take time to really write but have been getting home late. I wanted to say thank you-- thank you all for your support and advice.
We'll test tomorrow morning I think. 12dpo. I think that is ok, splits the difference. Allows me not to be alone. But I also need to admit that I like the possibility of not knowing-- of course, if it is negative, I realize it is early enough to not be definitive- but having it be neither leaves it open to the possibility that it might be positive. I can imagine that those twinges and little pulling sensations might mean something. Hope is a bitch. Really.

All records sent to CCRM. So we are all set up for that. Another energy session with Elma this evening. It just feels right to do. And then... either I'll test tomorrow or I'll chicken out. I'll let you know how it goes.

And the post I want to write about my long ago introduction to blogs? That just needs to wait for the moment.


What IF? said...

Hope is a bitch indeed. Kate, thanks for the words of encouragement you left on my blog tonight. Re: "Calm in the face of hectic wildness..." well, it's like the proverbial duck!

I missed this post where you explain about the 12dpo testing. You know, just do what feels right tomorrow morning and bugger the rest. How's that for assvice? I'm in your corner and will be rooting for you tomorrow, and every day thereafter.

Nic said...

Keeping everything crossed for you.