16 March 2009

thin skin

So you know how sometimes you think you have it together and are holding up ok and then one thing happens, heck, it could be anything-- say, for example, your sweetie accidentally leaning on the "send help" button in the exam room and folks running in to help, and then you start to laugh kinda and then you start to cry and then you are crying really hard and realizing that maybe, just maybe you are not quite as together as you thought?

Yea.... so. that would be me: not quite as together as I thought. IUI accomplished. Home on the sofa for no physical reason at all, just needing to NOT be at work with this thin skin. 


Sarah said...

oh hugs to you, we have all been there. good for you taking the day to yourself. i recommend a few good pints of ben & jerry's. crossing everything for you kate!!

Elle said...

Kate, I'm ashamed at myself for being such an absent blogger and commenter, but please know that I've been reading and thinking of you during the ups-and-downs of IVF/IUI #2. I, too, am visualizing egg meeting sperm in fallopian-tube-land for you. Screw petri dishes.

And if it's not, well, then you can think about next steps. On your schedule.

I'll be reading and rooting. In the meantime, snuggle in on that couch.

(And thanks, as always, for your lovely comments.)

Grade A said...


Wow. A lot has happened while I was away this weekend. As always, you have handled things incredibly well (not that you always have to!), and I am rooting for you! I love the "screw the petri dish" comment"-yah-those don't always work, as we all have learned. Here's hoping the 'natural with a little help' method #4 is your lucky one. Keep on laughing 'til you cry..it gets the salt out.

Joannah said...

I have never done such a thing! ;-)

What IF? said...

Sequestering oneself to get some mental space is even more important than taking time out for the physical stuff. I hope you can take it easy, process, and think in peaceful solitude. ((HUG))

IVF 40+ said...

If I don't get arrested for being a the Terminator it will be a miracle.
Sorry its so tough. Thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

oh big hugs lady. this has been a lot to manage these last few months. you're not alone in your crying jags know that. i wish you all the best for this wait. take it easy.