16 April 2009

never never land

See for me this never never land is the GOOD kind, the kind where I know things are happening that are good. (Ok, I don't really know that, but it is more likely than not for once).

Some of my dear ones on the internet, they are in the shithole kind of never never land. Beloved Sprogblogger just had a shitty and heartbreaking ultrasound, EB at IVF 40+ has had a rocky ride with a creeping hCG level that is now coming to an end-- and musicmakermomma, gosh, had a sad bad ultrasound with shitty bedside manner to boot. And K who provides us all with such great support has stopped her PIO shots and is waiting for her cycle to end.
Sending love out to all of you.

So me? I am one lucky gal, yes I am.
Hear me now. I am lucky and I know it.