08 April 2009

crampy question

Yesterday's worry "vacation" was divine. I highly recommend it. I did pretty well. A few moments of whatiffing, but mostly, I did just fine. And I was right, everything I worry about was right where I'd left it. I thought maybe it would run off, but no.

So I have a question/concern- (trying not to use the word worry)
I have been crampy on and off since soon after my unexpected positive and I am just wondering about whether this plagues the rest of the world. A quick search on Dr Google freaked me out so I've given up on that. It is worse at night-- calmer during the day. Sometimes it wakes me like the past two nights. There is no spotting at all (thankfully!), but it is at the level where it feels just like period cramps, the kind I would take something for. Insight anyone?

I am sleeping so lightly it seems that anything can wake me and then I lie awake for hours. When I do sleep, my dreams are filled with crazy and complex scenarios. Sometimes it feels like I am focused on old loves, as if I am cleaning out the file cabinets.

I know all of this is normal to some degree. My body is adjusting to my new sprout. In general I think I'm ok-- feeling a little bit low (maybe just tired + fragile), but I admit (timedly) that I am also starting to feel cautiously optimistic. Monday's number was such an immense relief.
And this past week and a half seems like a month and a half-- so much happening! Phew. I find myself fantasizing about the weekend and being able to sleep late and nap.

Sweet commenting Susan, do you have a blog address?


cady said...

i've had cramping ever since my positive (and i'm six weeks now), and my scan on monday was perfectly normal. don't worry! i've heard cramping is very normal.

Susan said...

I was cramping for a couple of weeks during my first pregnancy, and I've been cramping on this one as well. It's a good sign, according to my doc.

And I'm Sprogblogger Susan, just at my own website instead of a hosted one, now.


Searching for Serenity said...

I've been reading for a couple weeks now, but I don't believe I've commented.

First off, Congratulations!

I too had cramping early on for a few weeks. I chalked the cramping up to my uterus expanding and making a cozy home. I think it's normal. We can thank infertility for our constant concern and worry.

Hang in there!

Nic said...

From what my friends have told me etc I think it is normal. If you are unsure I would ask your doc. I am sure all is fine!

alyssa said...

you know how much i know about pregnancy... that said, i find my menstrual cramps far worse when i'm not doing anything else. i run around like a maniac all day and they're not horrid, then i sit down for a few and they kick in full-gear. i think my body just has other things to thing about when i'm moving around.

and my shrink, btw, is very excited for you.

IVF 40+ said...

Just to add my two pence worth - I have been reading blogs of preggo's for a while now and everyone is crampy and tired. In fact, one chick was very crampy and found out it was due to her expecting twins.

Grade A said...

Hah-I remember those cramps. Weeks 4, 5 and 6. Sometimes just period like, sometimes they felt like my uterus was tearing itself in two. That was one of the very first questions I asked my RE nurse: "So, when do the cramps stop?" Her answer? "They last the first trimester." Luckily, they get a lot less severe, less frequent and don't wake you up at night anymore. Hang in there, gal-your uterus is just making room.

K said...

I left you something on my blog...:) wishing you the best.

Anonymous said...

i cramped like crazy to the point of having to take tylenol before bed and fall asleep on a heating pad just so i could fall asleep at all. also, the crazy dreams, yeah they're a good sign too. i had seriously demented dreams for weeks. they've come and gone in the more recent weeks. oh lady. you are so knocked up. he he.

Anonymous said...

My friend is entering her second trimester - she had period like cramping up until 9 weeks or so.

I hope it is the little one making room for itself!

onwardandsideways said...

From everything I've read... this is totally normal and very common. I've had it as well. It was stronger in the weeks when I had my betas, but I still feel it. It's your uterus and the abdominal walls expanding, making way for Le Bébé.

I've also had light sleep and my dreams range from sexy romantic to flat out porn. I've heard the hormones cause a lot of vivid dreaming. For some women, it is violent. I'm glad I'm getting sexy time instead.

Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I am the mom of 2 year old twins and I can tell you that in the beginning, I was so sure that IUI had not worked because I had cramps. It wasn't until I had my longest cycle ever and started googling "crammps pregnancy symptoms" that I had any hope and finally did a HPT. And my cramps continued on and off for most of the first trimester and maybe even into the second, sending me to the OB once in tears, convinced it was all over, until she used the heartrate monitor and there they were.

Wow is it nerve wracking in the beginning, especially when you've worked so hard to get there. I wish I could say the worry goes away... or that I found zen in my pregnancy... but know that these things are often normal and probably even a good sign!

Anonymous said...

I had cramps at around 5.5 weeks. /they had me come in for an early ultrasound and everything was a-ok. Mine were also waking me up at night. I think it happens a lot...