11 April 2009

tough night

So I have to admit, last night was really tough, big big cramps that kept me awake. Not waxing and waning like period cramps. Just cramping. On and on and on and on. The kind that I had to breathe through for an hour or more. It all started when I got up to pee-- the cramps moved from background noise to WOW this is intense. And then they stayed that way for an hour, two... and gosh I was pretty darned tired this morning. 

So clearly this is worse at night for me,  as if sprout is doing all of its growing, or my body is doing all of its accommodating once I am in bed and it is the middle of the night. But the persistence of it, the intensity wore me out and wore me down. At least period cramps come and go, even when they are awful (and mine often are) they let up, there are moments when breathing can happen (and of course there is magical advil)--

But, I've had no bleeding (thankfully) and no intense cramping today so that's a relief!
I am heading down to see my wonderful sister this evening for the night-- then tomorrow we'll drive from there up to Dartmouth for the monday morning ultrasound. I will probably check in from there if not before and I will certainly let you know what's up after the scan. I am still cautiously optimistic. Still feel that things are ok. But I admit it is harder to think of the cramping as a good thing in the middle of the night when it is so consuming. I am going to try like hell to believe it is all good.

Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend. For me, I am celebrating that I only have about 100 sq ft left of snow. I went outside today and worked in the yard (gently) moving more sticks from the ice storm, and put my hands in the last of the snow. Bittersweet.


Nic said...

Sorry you are having so many cramps. I just hope it is a good sign all is growing and your body is adjusting. Hope the pain goes away soon. Really hope your US goes well. Look forward to hearing about it when you get back x

Jenn said...

Sending you a big fluffy body pillow to help you sleep, a lavender seed pillow you can heat up and put on your crampy areas AND a lot of positive prayers for your U/S appt.


cady said...

i have had cramps that make it hard to sleep too. from what my ivf coordinator tells me, it's from the uterus expanding and likely from the pio shots since they cause constipation. i'm glad you haven't had any bleeding. i've been having some off and on for the last week, but was told it's simply from the baby rupturing blood vessels. so, if you do have some, don't freak out (like me!) unless it's super heavy like serious period bleeding. good luck with your u/s on monday!

my blog: http://journey1000words.com

Grade A said...

I am totally nominating you for the sisterhood award, too (once I get around to it). Fingers crossed for a great u/s tomorrow.

Elizabeth said...

Hang in there; early pregnancy can be tough even without all the hightened hormones and emotions that ART bring. Enjoy your sister; enjoy the changing of seasons. Will be thinking of you Monday.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry you were up cramping - I bet it is nerve-wracking. Seriously - my friend that is now in her second tri had horrid, horrid cramps like that and she just had a beautiful u/s.


Anonymous said...

thinking of you and sending nothing but good ol' fashioned positive thoughts your way for monday.

Susan said...

Sorry about the cramping, and I hope that it's just 'everything's adjusting' cramping, though I wish it would ease off a bit & let you sleep!

Hang in there, & keep us posted tomorrow. I'll be checking in often until I hear how it went!

bb said...

Hi Kate, Happy Easter and thanks so much for the lovely award!! So sweet and I am honored ;-)

Sorry you are having those cramps. I hate that cramps can mean so many different things! But it is probably just the baby making room for the long stay. Good luck at your ultrasound, I can't wait to hear about it!