28 April 2009

vanity and heart stones

Some things I have been loving recently:

Ok, as of a few years back I am a painted toenail girl (Jane is laughing)-- and a few weeks ago I went to take off my nail polish prior to a re-do and my new-found-conscience-voice said NO. um... so now what? I went online and found Honeybee Gardens-- they have non-toxic remover (works on ALL polish, just be patient)-- and non toxic polish in some really yummy colors-- I do the pale, but they also do the vivid. You need to apply this at night, and let it cure while you sleep (about a half hour before you can go tangle in the sheets)-- I cannot say enough about this polish or the remover which is totally non-noxious.

Ahh vanity. Along that line, the belly oil I got was really embarrassingly expensive (seriously, 42 bucks) from Belli-- I love lavender and wanted something symbolic and luscious so I just went ahead and got it. I have no idea if it will make the slightest difference in my eventual stretchmarkitude (should I be so lucky)-- I am a stretch marky gal BUT in the meantime, it is the one nod to body care that I have indulged in that is specific to acknowledging this pregnancy and I like the way it smells. It is THICK though so your best bet is to put it on right after you shower and stay nekkid for a while before you dress so it can soak in. There's a smaller version in the pregnancy product sampler if you want to try it.

For heart instead of body-- I just bought myself one of Superhero's newly designed heart necklaces. If you have not stopped by her blog, please do. She is amazing. Someday I hope we'll have tea.

And because I love them more than I can say-- lovely painted rocks from dancingmermaid (mccabe) come every month or so (a wonderful christmas present from my darlin)-- and the one that arrived yesterday says Flow. Earlier this year were Create, Hold hope, and Shine. The set I linked to is exactly that: a set-- but near the end of the year keep alert for her announcement of the magical monthly subscription since I am not sure much is better than a little surprise in the mail.

And I am not sure if Hold Hope could have come at a better time.

A crampy uncomfortable night, and wild dreamed interrupted sleep but mostly, an odd feeling of reassurance-- the cramps made me feel reconnected. I cannot pretend I have a handle on myself and my responses but I am feeling grateful today instead of blue. I'll take it.


IVF 40+ said...

Sounds like your getting your momma mojo on to me. The ayurvedic approach is to oil 30 mins before a shower. My friend swears by olive oil and lavender/ sesame oil and lavender.

So glad the blues are lightening. You deserve all the happiness in the universe.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are getting easier - love the nail polish. Will probably get some even in my non-pg state. Always have hated the nasty smells of polish and remover.

Glad you are holding on to hope (rocks sound like a great gift) and I am thinking of you. Good luck.

Grade A said...

Glad the blues are at bay today. I checked out the Belli website, thanks to you. Mmmm-yummy looking good-smelling things. Thinking of you.

Joannah said...

Cool products! I'm glad you've found some healthy and fun ways to treat yourself.


Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear you are spoiling yourself - I plan to do the same thing if I ever can.