11 June 2009

CD1, but... (updated)

CD1 people, YAY everything is working! This is a Very Good Thing. (Ok, granted, being pregnant would have been better...)
So what is the but?

The but is this: I called up north to report the start of my cycle and...
there is no way, even if everything is perfect and I stim like a champ,
that they could convert this cycle to IVF since my timing puts me smack dab in the middle of the two weeks where they will not be doing procedures (they will still be doing IUIs). I hear you roaring, I do. I feel it too, I have roared this morning my self and said all sort of bad words-- but let's all remember a key point: I am in New Hampshire- not NY, not Boston, so while this sucks ass, this is not a big city clinic. So there you go.

So--given that this is the reality of my situation my options are:
--sit this one out, try the old fashioned way, and wait until next cycle (GAH)
--go on birth control pills (damn my prescient self) for three weeks to get into the queue for IVF potential
--go ahead with this month knowing at best it will be an IUI with no chance of upgrade and pray for a relatively small follicle count so they will not cancel due to too many (very very unlikely for me to make too many)

Here is what I am thinking: baseline ultrasound tomorrow-- see what the raw materials look like.
If just a few follicles, go ahead knowing IUI is the best possible outcome.
If many, cry and wail for the lost opportunity, and .... what? Not sure then. Since IVF is not an option here or anywhere else this cycle, so, um... shit?

So remember yesterday what I said about the plan vs reality? yeah, well.... here we go. But with the ways this whoooooooole process has been going, this was not entirely a surprise. What did I expect? Sudden smooth sailing? Not so fast kate kate.

I'll write about donor eggs maybe next time--
onwardandsideways had many really really great points in her passionate and thoughtful comment as someone who has been here, done this, and has also fought against the same ticking age bomb-- and I'd love to respond. But now? Must get back to work! Thanks for listening.

Flies, ointment
fucking hCG was only down to 9 yesterday in spite of my CD1 today, and it needs to be below 5 to be allowed to start medications. We'll retest tomorrow BUT if it is not below 5-- no go.

At that point, I guess a natural cycle it will be.
OR I could go on OCPs and do the 3 week thing to get in line for the IVF possibility...
Isn't this fun? I think so too. I love definitiveness (insert sarcasm here). It makes me feel all swooshy inside.

On a positive note, my amazing pharmacy (Ascend, they ship nationally) and my amazing nurse (Sharon), made my $7500 in medication cost $235 by making my insurance step up. Hurrah.
Hope I get to use it.


Nic said...

Oh Kate, I am sorry that it doesnt fit with the schedule. Pleased that everything is working though. Got to look on the bright side, right?! I think waiting for the u/s is a good idea and do what ever feels right with your less than ideal options.

Michele said...

I'm glad to hear your cycle is working! That's great! Fingers crossed for lower follies so that you can ttc this cycle. Warm thoughts. Fingers crossed.

IF Optimist, then... said...

Wishing you the best for your baseline look. All that matters is QUALITY, so I'm as sending much positive energy for a great looking fresh start.

IVF 40+ said...

oh man, that sucks. roar away!

Sprogblogger said...

ARGHHHHH! Sounds like you've got the best possible plan in place, though. IUI isn't the worst option, and you've had success with it before.

I'm in serious roaring mode over here, though, that you won't be able to convert to IVF in a best-case-scenario.


Elizabeth said...

Good grief, what a pain. Well, here's hoping for the best possible outcome, right number of folicles for this cycle and a successful IUI. NH isn't the moon, any way your clinic could get someone at another clinic to cover for them/convert your cycle to IVF if that ends up being indicated? Just a thought. . .they all must know each other somewhat, right?

onwardandsideways said...

Hey... glad I didn't piss you off, or otherwise. I only brought up DE because I thought from previous posts that it was something you're seriously considering. If not, you don't need to explain (unless you want to), and please disregard my previous comment.

Sorry to hear about the clinic's schedule, but maybe that will turn out to be for the best.

Wishing you the best of luck with whatever you decide!

Anonymous said...

CD1 is so bittersweet. Sorry your hcg is not cooperating.

That is amazing news about the meds - I hope you can use them too.

alyssa said...

i'd really like to you have a chat with patricia; she's the expert on all the clinics and will tell you what to expect from each one. and she's nice.

Elizabeth said...

Dearest Kate -- well, it turns out that, again, I'm an idot but this time in a good way. Uncle Kelson didn't print the shirt (he politely pointed out to me that it is a batik design). I had wondered about that but I just assumed that silk screen could do really cool things in the hands of a master. At any rate, the good news is that you can get one or two or three or more here: http://www.batikcreations.com/ Sorry for the confustion and love too you. Sounds like a frusturating time with trying to get this cycle ironed out. Eliz.