12 June 2009


Well, shit.

It turns out my hCG is only down to 8 and it needs to be below 5 to be allowed to start a medicated cycle. So, no. No medicated cycle this month. AND, the news I really did not expect, it needs to be below 5 before they will consent to doing even a non-medicated IUI. So at this point, looks like this month will be a natural cycle.

But optimistiKate says things might change.
I retest for hCG next wednesday and if it is below 5, the doc may reconsider doing an IUI. And if he says yes at that point, maybe I can also ask if we can trigger. I will know my level next Thursday. So I guess we're on to a 1ww of sorts.

And, some very good/bittersweet news: I had 14 resting follicles! Go body!
Followed quickly by a hearty: FUCKITY FUCK FUCK


Melissa said...
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sprogblogger said...


Your doc is hardcore, which may be good, may be bad, but is certainly frustrating. Argh!

I hope it drops those extra couple of points, like tonight so you can get going again. Believe me, I feel your angst. Nothing is worse than waiting on something like this.

FIngers crossed. Maybe those 14 follicles are just waiting to be called into play. Go body, go!

Melissa said...

Fuckity Fuck is right!! Fingers crossed that next week's numbers are better.

IF Optimist, then... said...

I read the first line and actually said "Fuckity fuck fuck" in my head. Then I scrolled to the bottom of the message and read it.

That. Was. Weird.

Woot about your body making lots of happy follicles. Damn about your hCG levels. Sending waves of hope it goes down in time. Otherwise, I say do it like bunnies!!!!! Middle finger to damn doctors and all their medical rulesyness.

Mo and Will said...

How frustrating!!!! The resting follicle count is awesome tho. Hang in there. What a roller coaster!!


Michele said...

dammit. that really pisses me off. on a good note, most likely you'll be at 5 or below and then (hopefully) things can go as hoped for. crossing my fingers and really, REALLY hoping for you!

Anonymous said...

Lots and lots and lots of water!

Jenn said...


YEA for the follie count but total BOO HISS on the having to wait for the measly drop in HCG - SHIT!!!!

It should just not be this hard!

I am hoping and praying that when you go back in a week - everything will have straightened around!

Praying for ya hon and sending a special hug!

IVF 40+ said...

14! holy crapity crap crap that is a lot of follies. If you have to go the non medicated "natural cycle" route then this is a great start. If you get to do the IUI then all the better.
congrats on your hearty follies and good luck with the rapid dropping HcG (little HCG reduction dance starts now)

Grade A said...

ARGGGHHH. High numbers when you don't want them to be high and low when you don't want 'em low. Come on, body: it's your "Rocky" 1 week challenge! Drop those HCG numbers. You can do it. Hoping and a wishin'...