07 November 2009


So the ultrasound showed I have four follicles that are developing and above 10mm, one perhaps too quickly (one already 14mm, others at 12, 11, 10, up to 6 much smaller ones) so I started Ganirelix today. No E2 level yet- they will call later I am sure (759).

I go back on monday for a redo-
If the lead continues to lead-- well, then we'll do an IUI for sure.
But if the others come along too and I have 4, I meet the criterial for an IVF... but I wonder- should I spend the money on that procedure with so few to work with? Or just do an IUI and hope for more next time? Lots of competing issues on this one. So, I will wait and see what monday brings and make the best decision I can at the time.

So, I hate the Ganirelix shots, those horrible needles are so dull, and the shots just simply hurt for me-- so I decided to sacrifice some of my other syringes and needles (I have plenty)--- dispensed it into a syringe with the plunger pulled down, put on my usual injecting needle and voila! A painless Ganirelix shot, I am sure I never thought I would say that.
of course, now I worry, did I fuck something up by exposing it to air instead of directly to my belly fat? Ahhhhhhh sure do love this whole damn thing.

I am sitting in my orange room (no kidding, it is orange) with big windows and light streaming in. I just got home a short while ago and feel the conflict of housework vs yardwork. Inside or out. Sunlight exposes my lax housekeeping for the past month (ewww) and the fact that the cat does indeed continue to shed. But the sunlight is calling me out. I think I will let it win for at least a little while. Out I go.

My 10 seconds today? Sunlight in woods, amber colored oak leaves the size of my hands placed end to end, and soon? the rustling sound of leaves being raked and the smell of the earth.


Kate said...

I'm glad there are a few coming along in there.
And no, the air exposure won't have hurt the med, I'm nearly 100% sure. Just enjoy your painless shot!

Mo and Will said...

Kate - tough decisions. And I do not know the answers. I do wish you peace in your decision. And I love your ten seconds.


Sprogblogger said...

UGH! So sorry that nothing can be simple and easy and non-ambiguous.

Do you know? I feel like a dope for never having thought of transferring Lovenox to a better needle. If this takes, if I have to use their damned pre-loaded syringes for 8 months, I'm SO going to transfer them to Lupron needled syringes, if I can.

You are a genius!

Anonymous said...

I too wish things were more clear - but it sounds like you have some good activity going on. ((HUGS))

Mad Hatter said...

It sounds like your body will make the decision for you, which is a great thing. My dustbunnies are waving to your dustbunnies - it's so much more fun to be outside on beautiful weekends like this! Wishing you wonderful news on Monday.

IF Optimist, then... said...

Hoping you get some great news on Monday, time out in the sun raking leaves sounded wonderful. It has been raining solid since I came home (also thunder and lightening yesterday) I love the rain and the weather, but it would be great to take a final walk in the fall leaves before they are all gone.

I think if I had 4 (with no male factor) I'd go with an IUI, but hopefully a few more will develop into options.

Your 10 seconds sounded like magic. I'm so glad you took some magic into your heart today.

Michele said...

Shots... The joy of them... I'm so glad you found a painless method!

And your ten seconds... heavenly!

just me, dawn said...

ok, i have to admit i thought i was a big baby about the ganirelix....and that I was crazy, but thinking now that i wasn't.....they were super dull took a really strong poke....i hated them! I am guessing that you did no harm, but I am not a pharmacist. I don't know what I would do with 4 follies, probably IUI, but there is lots for you to think about, wishing you god luck this cycle.

irrationalexuberance said...

I wish I had the "right" answer for you, Kate, but I think you will have to weigh all of the things that need to be weighed (cost, success rates, etc) once your body has finished doing its thing.

Incidentally, thank you for the Gan. tip.

Dust will wait -- go outside and be in the sun and feel restored.